Successful completion of the technical mission of the Ministry of Education in Spain

The Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, garners recognition for the Dominican Republic, signs inter-institutional agreements and brings resources for Dominican education from his brief tour

The visit of the Minister of Education culminates with important successes, Roberto Fulcar leading the Dominican delegation that worked in Spanish territory between May 9 and 12 an important agenda with state agencies, international integration organizations, universities and academics.

He also participated in the Thirty-First International Congress of Education and Psychology (INFAD) and first ECALFOR International Congress on Quality e Innovation in Higher Educationwhere he spoke on the topic: «Challenges of teacher training in times of the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19. Main approaches to the changing role of educational systems».

In exercise also of the pro tempore presidency of the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education lto Science and Culture (OEI), and the Andrés Bello Agreement (CAB), the Minister of Education of the Dominican Republic was distinguished with the Gold Medal for Academic Merit as a consequence of the teacher training policy designed and executed in the national territory since the beginning of the 2020 school year- 2021, in extraordinary conditions as a result of the pandemic.

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This distinction was received from the hands of the president of the National Association of Developmental and Educational Psychology of Children, Adolescents, the Elderly and Disabled (INFAD), Mr. Florencio Vicente Castro, who highlighted the innovative, creative and bold character of the Dominican proposal We learn in House Preserving Health, which he described as “innovative” and from which he concluded “Europe must learn”.

Together with the Cervantes Institute, the main study center for the use and management of Spanish languages ​​in the world, an important agreement was signed through which teachers, technicians and students at all levels of the public and private sectors will have free access to all the digital content of the Cervantes Virtual Library, which has thousands of online titles in our language.

Dr. Fulcar emphasized that “said agreement did not mean any outlay from the Dominican state,” noting that this type of agreement “…represents a sample of how it is possible to achieve achievements for our educational system taking care of the budget financed by all Dominicans.”

For its part, in a meeting held with representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Culture, it was agreed to donate 30,000 books from different areas of knowledge to the MINERD on behalf of educational centers and communities, which will be arriving soon. to the country and that will be distributed with a sense of territorial equity, favoring those localities that have less access to public libraries, within the framework of the policy to promote reading carried out by the Ministry, through the Dominican Lee program and the Bridges project Cultural.

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Likewise, as president pro tempore of the OEI, Dr. Fulcar held a working meeting with the technical team and the Secretary General of this organization, Mr. Mariano Jabonero, with whom he signed the call to the annual summit of Ministers of Education which will take place on November 25 in the Dominican Republic, an emblematic date for the country and the world that remembers the tragedy and at the same time the passage to immortality of the Mirabal sisters who today constitute a symbol of freedom and fight for rights of women globally.

The mission, which also held meetings with the Spanish Ministry of Education and Teacher Training, had the support of His Excellency the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Spain, Mr. Juan Bolívar, and his team.
At the same time, the Dominican intellectual Amaury Justo Duarte participated in several activities, who today holds the position of Dominican Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco and with whom similar agreements will soon be signed in the search “that the government of the President Abinader to spread the image of the Dominican Republic as a country that is committed to the transformation of education to graduate citizens, generate employability and boost competitiveness, through the Education for Better Living model, which is being promoted today in the country,” he concluded. Dr. Fulcar minutes before boarding his flight back to Santo Domingo.

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