subject burned house to erase evidence

Femicide and arson are the charges that Luis Huaquil faces (42). The subject was formalized on Sunday 28 in the Punta Arenas Guarantee Court for the alleged murder of Elizabeth Mella (54). The event occurred on March 8, when Women’s Day is commemorated. And if that wasn’t enough, after murdering her, he would have set fire to the house to hide the fact.

According to El Pingüino published, Huaquil was arrested on Sunday 27 at his home in Punta Arenas. According to the Magallanes Prosecutor’s Office, in the early morning of March 8, 2020, Huaquil had sex with the victim. After that came the femicide: he would have beaten and stabbed her. The forensic report reports 27 injuries. In no time, the man would have set the bed on fire.

It was a sterile act, because Firefighters arrived and managed to contain the fire in the room. In fact, the experts managed to recover evidence that pointed to Huaquil. The first, seminal fluid in the body of the deceased. The second, a role with the same substance. DNA matched Huaquil. The guy is also credited with letters written to divert attention.

In statements reproduced by El Pingüino, Huaquil said that he is innocent. “Magistrate, I reiterate in my statement that I am innocent, I am innocent. I did not know the woman as they say, as (the prosecutor) Fernando Dobson said, I reiterate again, I am not guilty of the death of Elizabeth Mella, that would be ”.

However, despite his claims, the court decided to leave him in preventive detention and order 120 days of investigation, according to the page of the Judiciary.

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