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[Epoch Times November 24, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen reported) Su Huilun, “Drums” Lu Siwei, Xiao Bingzhi, orchestra “Universal Man”, Jiajia, “Little Wei” Wei Jiaying will gather in Da’an, Taipei on the 27th The forest park started singing. On the 24th, they gathered for the training group and took the lead in the public chorus song “Angel”, the classic song of Mayday, which is also the theme song of public welfare activities.

The concert titled “Thank you for doing good We Together” is mainly for the selfless dedication of medical care and police during the epidemic, as well as the hard work of everyone who stood on the front line of support. In addition, they also said, “Of course, there are more surprises on the day. There will be many chorus surprises. Please look forward to it!”

On November 24, 2021, Huilun Su (fourth from right) led the fellow singer to practice the “Thank You We Together” concert. (I believe the music provided)

Although they are both company entertainers, it is rare for them, who are usually busy to get together, to get together. In order to bring wonderful performances, they all try their best to perform with bands and dance performers. On the surface It seems to “inquire into the enemy’s situation”, but in private it is actually a lot of peace, and the dream of chasing stars.

The staff broke the news that Cosmoman member Xiaoyu saw Su Huilun’s training group a few days ago and hid shyly from the side to peek at the idol. Xiaoyu didn’t dare to step forward to say hello. Xiaoyu laughed and said, “I really like Sister Huilun. I have never had a chance to see me. Do good deeds are rewarded,’ I can see that I am still on the same stage with her.”

On the day of the concert, Su Huilun, Gugu, Xiao Bingzhi, Universe People, Jiajia, and Wei Jiaying each brought a 40-minute performance. Among them, Gugu and Cosmoman revealed that they will bring the essence of the concert to the scene; Jiajia will sing together with the band “Brother Duties” organized by their cousins, and will also sing the episode of “The First Light”. The place of first love.

Wei Jiaying, who has just released a new album “How are you?” and is preparing for a concert, will bring the songs from the latest album; Xiao Bingzhi also announced that he will bring her dog to the stage to have fun together, “There are preparations for the lyrical suite, and the new album ” “Madman”, so there will be a brand new dance to meet everyone on the same day.”

Su Huilun pretended to say mysteriously: “I worked with France a while ago on “I Want Us To Be Together”, and then I was busy with this concert. The performance will sing a special song that day, and then one of the artists will be invited to sing with me.” Also let all the artists shout “Who is so lucky”.

And for this charity event, admission is free. Fans who fail to show up can also collect tickets for free through LINE MUSIC.

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