Stuttgart Gallery Fuchs: How the Karlsruhe Bastian Börsig manages to live from his art – culture

Bastian Börsig’s brush is becoming self-employed again and again. Photo: Gallery Fuchs Stuttgart/Thomas Fuchs

The good news is still there. Bastian Börsig can now make a living from his art. How does the Karlsruhe painter do it?

Stuttgart – You hardly know them anymore, the good news from the art sector. The situation was always difficult for the youngsters, Corona gave the art scene the rest. Bastian Börsig, on the other hand, is in the best of spirits. Things are going well for him. Of course, the 37-year-old painter’s projects fell through last year, but now he has a solo exhibition at the Fuchs Gallery in Stuttgart. He likes to paint objects – a handbag or a chair – whereby his brush always becomes independent and slips into the abstract.


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