Stunning TikTok! Now you can also buy concert and event tickets from us

TikTok has just welcomed a new feature that will soon enrich the social network as never before, making it much more varied than before. Not that he’s not already clearly, but this is still a good sign that he never stops growing. After all, many appreciate the application from this point of view, so paying homage to it and talking about it is definitely a good idea.

TikTok is evolving more and more as a platform, and now we have official confirmation –

The launch of the TikTok Music, that is the platform that ByteDance has introduced together with a new functionality in collaboration with Ticketmaster. Indeed, what is surprising is that it will now be possible to buy concert tickets directly from social network, just as if it were any shop. Incredible, right? And to think that until a year ago it seemed impossible that this would happen.

However, this new feature allows creators to insert event links directly into the videos, via a new option called “Add Link”Which is displayed before publishing any clip of our choice. Once you have tapped on it, you will be redirected to the Ticketmaster site where you can select and connect and event to the movie. But is there any other useful information about it? Obviously yes, that’s why talking about it is essential.

How the feature works and the people who will be able to use it

Stunning TikTok!  Now you can also buy concert and event tickets from us
The social network has become famous both for what it proposes and for the continuous original ideas –

For individual users, the link will appear at the bottom left of the videos and, if you tap, it will redirect to a page share browser which refers to Ticketmaster and which allows you to continue purchasing tickets. At the moment, however, the new functionality of TikTok is only available for Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, Usher, Backstreet Boys, WWE and other select artists. The company later promised that it will extend the setting to others, but until then we will have to wait.

Ticketmaster, concluding, also said that the new partnership with TikTok it will provide organizers and artists with a new way to reach ticket buyers. And from this company we can only expect the best of the best since, over time, it has granted this possibility to others as well. applications – like Snapchat for example – so let’s not worry about the results in the slightest; they will be optimal in any case.

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