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The National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) opened a call for 300 thousand pesos per year for those interested in pursuing a doctorate and improving their knowledge in various areas of health.

Some of them are: virology, parasitology, tropical diseases, medical and theoretical epidemiology, biomedical engineering, agriculture and health, medical anthropology and 18 other specialties.

This scholarship allows you to study at universities in France, with stays of more than six months, depending on the study plan.

Scholarship requirements

– Have e. Signature of the SAT.

– curriculum vitae.

– Full scholarship application.

– Academic documents that indicate the system.

– Photograph in credential size JPG format.

– Letter of acceptance issued by the French university.

– Preliminary research project, with a schedule of activities with the signatures of the student and advisor.

– Three letters of recommendation drawn up by recognized professors.

– Minimum average of 8.0.

– Master’s qualifications.

– Certificate of command of the English language.


Enter the website of Conacyt, look for the section on scholarships and postgraduate degrees and choose the option for doctorates in France.

The deadline to complete the process is July 2 and you will have until July 9 to fix inconsistencies in your documents and registration.

The results are published on August 13.

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