students from priority areas go behind the scenes at the Paris Opera


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J.Ricco, M.Birden, X.Roman, L.Le Moigne, D.Turpin, T.Le Hec, H.Horoks

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Thursday, September 22, the section of the 13 Hours “An idea for France” highlights an initiative allowing students in priority education to discover the backstage of the Paris operas.

The students of a class are preparing to visit the Opéra Garnier (Paris), where they have never been. “Attending performances at the opera has a cost, which not everyone can afford”, says Sophie Ferry, teacher. When they arrive in front of the building, the students are amazed. Like them, 1,000 students in priority education are discovering the operas of Paris. These exclusive tours impress young people.

The students will also discover behind the scenes of the opera and the trades that exist behind the show. “I hope that we will make them want (…) to learn trades, even artisanal ones”, explains Xavier Ronze, head of the costume department at the Paris Opera. In 30 years, 25,000 pupils, from kindergarten to high school, have visited the opera. “It considerably improves the relationship that the student has with the institution, with the school”assures Myriam Mazouzi, director of the Paris Opera Academy.

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