Students flock to Mallorca’s carnival infection group ‧ 600 people diagnosed and thousands are quarantined-International News | Take You to the World

(Madrid, 27th) In order to celebrate the end of the semester, students from all over Spain flock to Mallorca, the tourist resort of the Balearic Islands, to party and party. As a result, a large-scale infection of the coronavirus has been caused. At present, 600 people have been diagnosed and thousands have been isolated. .

The party venues include cruise ships and hotels, and students may have participated in a concert held at the Bullring in Palma, the capital of Majorca. The Mallorca authorities said on Saturday that they are tracking the activities of students on the island and investigating whether each activity unit has implemented anti-epidemic regulations.

Although the rave party in Mallorca caused an outbreak of the epidemic, Spain still lifted the order to wear masks in public places as planned late at night on the 25th.

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