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A symposium on issues and countermeasures will be held on the 14th at Senshu University (Tokyo) before the 18- and 19-year-olds will be appointed as lay judges from next year in the lay judge trial dealing with serious criminal cases due to the reduction of the adult age. ) Was opened. Students, experienced judges, and experts participated in the panel discussion, and while complaining that the load was heavy, there were also opinions calling for “enhancement of hands-on legal education.”

Co-sponsored by the university and a group of experienced lay judges. A total of about 100 people, including high school students, participated in the classroom, which was also used online.

A female student (18), a first-year college student, said, “I want to experience it, but I’m worried about the impact on my classes and life. I should listen to the trial and have a mock trial at junior high school and high school.”

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