Students begin to receive confirmation of the ‘extra’ of 100 euros

Baccalaureate students in a classroom of the Francisco Cascales IES, in a file photograph. / NACHO GARCIA / AGM

More than 34,100 Murcian high school, FP and university scholarship holders are entitled to aid until December

Fuensanta Carreras

Dozens of students have begun to receive confirmation from the Ministry that they are entitled to the extra scholarship of 100 euros per month, which they have not yet received. More than 34,100 students in the Region of post-compulsory education will receive this course the additional aid of 100 euros per month, which aims to alleviate the hardships caused by inflation. The new scholarships will have a guaranteed duration of four months, from September to December. As of January, the Ministry of Education has not guaranteed its continuity, but has not decided otherwise. Thus, scholarship students are insured, at the moment, 400 euros.

The aid will be received automatically by students who already have a scholarship from the Ministry, who do not have to meet any additional requirements to enter it. In the case of the Region, last year 18,739 Vocational Training and Baccalaureate students received scholarships from the Ministry, and another 15,378 students from the three universities, Murcia (UMU), the Cartagena Polytechnic (UPCT) and the private UCAM. The number of beneficiaries will hardly drop below those 34,100, since the income and academic requirements are the same as last year. The additional expense in the Region will therefore be 13.6 million euros for the four committed months.

The Government Delegation confirmed yesterday that although no payment has yet been made, “it is imminent for students who were already scholarship holders last year and meet the requirements. For new applicants, it will be later, once the new files are reviewed. In Spain, the Ministry calculates that there will be one million students over 16 years of age who will receive aid for four months, and the extra allocation from the Ministry of Finance to cover this allocation will amount to 400 million euros. The income from the additional fees will be included in the two periods in which the payment of the scholarships is usually made. In the absence of closing the figures for this course, the Ministry calculates that there will be 15,378 students from the three Murcian universities who received scholarships on past course. Those of the next academic year are currently being resolved, since the commitment is that the students know this month if they have the help or not.

The Ministry of Education has focused the additional aid of one hundred euros per month on students over 16 years of age because from that age the stage begins in which education is no longer compulsory or free. Although in FP and Baccalaureate there is no need to pay to close the enrollment in the institute, the effort of the families is greater in transportation, textbooks…

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