Strong reaction from Gianinna Maradona after Verónica Ojeda assured that she has no contact with Dieguito Fernando: she showed her chats with her and Mario Baudry

Always ready to talk about everything, when Veronica Ojeda they asked him if the son he had with Diego Maradona, Dieguito fernandoHe is related to his brothers, he remarked that he was not. “He has no relationship, sometimes he talks to Jana,” he declared through his Stories of Instagram.

In this context, a follower of Gianinna Maradona He gave his opinion on Verónica’s response and said that he finds it very “sad” that his brothers are not standing close to him. Then, Gianinna got tired and to show that this is not the case, she posted her chats with both Verónica and her partner, Mario Baudry.

First of all, Gianinna can be read asking Mario about her little brother’s social work. However, he does not answer her. Then, she calls him again to ask if he had any news of what he had asked for his brother. Again, no response is received.

Then, he also publishes his comings and goings with Verónica. First, Gianinna asks to speak to her brother about his birthday but Verónica doesn’t even open the message. Then, she sends him a WhatsApp again remarking that she would have liked to be with him on his special day.

Finally, Verónica apologizes for not having answered her and tells her to call him whenever she wants. Afterward, Gianinna also thanks him for something he said about her and her sister. Always being cool.

“What a nail! Real? Enjoy,” said the daughter of the Ten next to the conversations.

He tired!


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