Strong EM farewell: How Foda’s break change weakened Italy

On Saturday we experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. Austria brought the big favorites to the brink of defeat. The game had it all at Wembley Stadium: speed, tactics and a lot of emotion. Both in the first 45 minutes and in the first half of stoppage time, the Italians were able to bring their strengths to the field.

They controlled the game with high ball safety, good short passing and quick switching phases. Austria held against it for a long time, had to invest a lot of energy in order not to fall behind in the first half. Austria’s team was the more dangerous team in the middle of the second half and towards the end of the game.

As expected, Italy wanted to gain control of the ball over possession. Their structure was even predictable: they preferred an asymmetrical play structure, in which the right full-back and two center-backs formed a chain of three. On the left side, Leonardo Spinazzola was able to act offensively as a play and dribble strong full-back. Veratti and Jorginho positioned themselves to the left and set the rhythm. This resulted in an overload on the left side.

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