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May 31, 2021, 12:54 p.m. – first publication (current)

International Children’s Day 2021

On the occasion of tomorrow’s International Children’s Day (June 1, 2021), Minister of Culture Barbara Klepsch would like to remind people of the rights and needs of children, also with regard to cultural education, which is severely restricted under the corona pandemic.

“We look to the future with confidence and optimism. In recent months, children and young people have been among the big losers from the corona pandemic. A lack of or limited attendance at school or daycare burdens families in an unprecedented way. The elimination of extracurricular activities, which also include a wide range of cultural education options, made the situation, which was often difficult to manage, even more difficult. In 2021, too, my department will fund measures and events for extracurricular cultural education for children and young people with a total of over 9 million euros. I hope that this will not only compensate for corona-related educational gaps, but also create incentives that will open up real future prospects for our children and young people, ”emphasized Minister Barbara Klepsch.

The »State-wide concept. Cultural education for children and young people for the Free State of Saxony ”, which is largely responsible for the Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism, is continuously implemented. Extracurricular cultural education for children and young people comprises a large number of measures and offers.

They enable children and young people to develop an understanding of, for example, the fine arts, theater and dance, literature and audiovisual media. With the support of Saxon music schools and z. For example, the program »JEKI – an instrument for every child« is one of the key areas of support in the field of music. The imparting of skills and knowledge about methods and contents of different art fields »broadens the horizon«.
This enables children and young people to develop interests and acquire skills. However, cultural education also strengthens common sense and contributes to responsible action in a community – ultimately, cultural education enables children and young people to mature into personalities.

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»Due to the corona, today’s International Children’s Day will not be able to pick up on the tradition of giving children an all-round wonderful day with happy parties and countless activities. For example, the State Art Collections will postpone their traditional children’s festival until autumn. My regret, however, strengthens my conviction that today, especially, we must remember the rights and needs of children, to which we should dedicate ourselves with full commitment. Many years ago the UN General Assembly proclaimed World Children’s Day, which will be celebrated in Germany on September 20, 2021. We now have another appointment in mind, which I would like to see used in the interest of our children. “

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