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“Strawberry Prince”Will be the unit’s first virtual live on YouTube, TikTok, and bilibili from 19:00 Japan time on the 3rd.“Storoberi Memori in Virtual!”Was held. At live performances, you can make full use of the virtual appearance that you can move freely, and rampage from the beginning to the end. I showed the listeners the appearance of six people who are close friends.

Sutopuri was formed in 2016 and is an entertainment unit that is active on YouTube and TwitCasting.Leader’sNanamori.Including Mr.Li DogMr.KoronMr.SatomiMr.GelMr.RutoIt is a 6-member group.

So far, he has done a lot of real live performances such as live tours and one-man live performances at MetLife Dome. However, from the beginning of 2020, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the live performances scheduled to be held at Nagoya Dome, Tokyo Dome, and Nippon Budokan were canceled.

Therefore, since Rinu-san, who went to the venue in November last year, the members will be announced in a virtual manner. In December of the same year, he showed off the 3D model of all the members in the MV video of the original song “Feel Free!”, And this spring, he posted a video every day, and has been energetically active. The culmination of this was the virtual live “Storoberi Memori in Virtual!”.

All 15 original songs, the same live that lasted about 2 hours. Even before the start, it became the number one global trend on Twitter, and on YouTube Live, the number of simultaneous connections exceeded 170,000 at one time, and it became a big topic on the Internet. Were you able to challenge the “virtual limits” according to the goal you talked about at the press conference in advance? I want to report immediately.

From the beginning, there is also a production of stuffed animals according to Freedom comments

At the same time as the opening, all 6 people showed off「Streamer」When“Suki Suki Seijin”That’s right. “Streamer” is a tie-up song written to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the service of “TwitCasting” last year, and features lyrics with the theme of the distributor as the title suggests (related article). “Suki Suki Seijin” is“Solar system disco”Or“Alien Alien”Of Vocaloid-P known asNayutalienThe catchy melody and lyrics are memorable.

After accelerating the live feeling with the first two songs at once, when entering the MC part, the members said that it was the first virtual live. On the other hand, while other members are looking over the stage and the audience seats, Mr. Ruto is looking for a camera by himself, showing the freedom of being a member as soon as possible.

This time, as an element unique to virtual, we also implemented a stage production that responds to comments from listeners. Leader Nanamori. When he urges listeners to type in the member’s name in the comment, “I want to try it for the first time,” a large amount of stuffed animals fall on the stage. Nanamori is about to be buried in too much. However, when he said, “Use magic to erase the stuffed animal!”, Rinu responded by chanting a mysterious spell, “Kyuru Kyurupon.”

The screenshot corner is bowling at “Wanwan Omurachu”

After that, Nanamori. At the suggestion of Mr., we will move to the screenshot corner where 6 people will reproduce the pose specified by each member. First of all, from “Wanwan Omurachu” designated by Rinu.“Wanwan Omurachu” is a video of Strawberry Prince “I don’t like this kind of maid cafe WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”A cute phrase that appears frequently after Rinu-san showed it. This time, I taught the poses to other Strawberry members and challenged the screenshot corner.

However, it seems to be quite pleasing here, and Mr. Koron and Mr. Gel, who were at both ends, began to pose freely. For some reason, Mr. Gel was dressed like throwing a bowling ball, and Mr. Koron was free to hit the camera with the upper.

Even after that, in Koron’s “Monkey Pose”, Jel made a comaneci and Satomi opened her legs too much and collapsed. In the “I think the coolest pose” specified by Satomi, all six people lie down on their backs. From that state, Mr. Gel said, “I think it’s easy to do cute poses while sitting,” and specified it as a bridge.

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Finally, Nanamori. Since he is a prince, he proposes a royal deciding pose to do “Come on, come on” together. I made a good photo opportunity like Prince.

Then, from the song “I’m impressed. If I sing. I’ll cry. I’ve come this far with something emo, and it feels like the last.”“It’s not a pumpie !!”.. The tension is max in the third song. It was a stage performance full of individuality of each member, such as repeatedly jumping sideways while singing, jumping and moving around violently.

After singing, he seemed tired from the noise and sat down on the stage saying, “Maybe it moved the most this year.” You can see that they are trying their best to entertain all the listeners in the unfamiliar environment of virtual.After a break called “Strategy Meeting”, the 4th song「Very」Was shown.

By the way, Nana Jel, Rinu x Ruto’s exciting pair singing & MC

From the 5th song, each member will enter the singing part in pairs. The first two to appear were Satomi-san and Tokon-san. Immediately after the appearance, Satomi said, “Speaking of two of us, there is only that song,” and continued, “Let’s do something related to the song.” “I actually have something I want to do, a fight.” , Koron-san says, “I don’t quarrel with our songs so much (laughs).”

From here, it will be a skit corner, and the confrontation of Satomi-san’s idea, “Which one can fight naturally with a feeling that matches the theme decided?” Begins. The situation is that Satomi, a hero of justice, chases after doing something a little wrong.

For some reason, both of them were defeated with the setting of “stolen 15 yen”, and Satomi-san taught Koron-san the sword fighting in the absence of Tsukkomi, which was a chaotic flow.Finally, Mr. Satomi said, “Speaking of fights, this song is the first song, so please listen.“Love is Just In Me”I moved to the singing part with a mysterious song.

The second group is Nanamori. And Jel. Nanamori is also a partition of Strawberry Prince. However, it seemed that the tension had risen considerably at the first virtual live this time. “I want to do a project that I can never do normally, making use of being in the virtual space of Nana Gel!”, She said, “What do you do! Anything can be done!” “I want to do various things!” We propose “Mori-san’s favorite series”.

He wanted to be told, “Isn’t that the first virtual thing I’ve done?”, So I was challenging the “virtual limits” as I said at the press conference in advance. Specifically, he showed off his appearance as a piggyback ride, a princess, Jel’s handstand, and a pyramid of gymnastics, riding on his back. It was a series of dangerous poses that prepared for a broadcast accident, and although there was a scene where a temporary problem occurred in body tracking, it was successfully overcome.

After that, in the singing part, it changed from the messy feeling that I had before.Kairiki BearHigh tempo of songwriting, composition and arrangement“Spill”When,ReruliliAdult-like songwriting, composition and arrangement“Fantasy Electrica”Was sung enthusiastically.

The last is a pair of Rinu-san and Toruuto-san. He described the MC by the four people as “too playful” and declared that they would make everyone squeaky like a prince. Suddenly, I thought that I was going seriously, and suddenly Mr. Ruto started taking a selfie with the camera in his hand saying “Let’s do it like YouTuber”, “Today I want to deliver the situation of chest kyun. ! ”And started the confrontation.

The situation is to chase Rinu-san and confess on the way home after school. If it is realized as it is, it will be a very heart-wrenching situation, but after all it is not straightforward, and even if Rinu chases after Mr. Ruto and calls out, Mr. Ruto ignores the cancer and shakes his hand.

Mr. Ruto finally noticed, but he said, “No, ah, that kind of system? I’m a little too much.” Rinu irresistibly lay down on the floor and started kneading, saying, “No, I’m gonna knead if Ruto-kun doesn’t go out with me.”

Here, Mr. Ruto kissed his finger, saying, “Is it okay? Rinu. Look, don’t get in my arms.” “How are you relieved?” “My princess.” “This is the true chest knuckle,” said the first situation, a skit of chaotic development that had gone somewhere.

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In the singing part, the love song“Enkyorikuri”And school themed“Go! Our school front!”Show off. It was the moment when I came here and felt that the MC part and the songs to be performed were exactly the same.

The second half of the game that introduced goods and showed “movement shiritori”

After the pair part is over, the live performance is finally in the second half.All 6 people appeared again, the 11th song“Strawberry Revolution”Sing and raise the voltage at once. In the stage performance, other members slipped between the spread legs and lay down on the stage while singing, showing a more chaotic appearance than ever before, and after singing, there was an “too chaotic” “impossible formation” “Yeah,” “Did you do the rehearsal?”

After that, it is sold at the official online shop “Ichigo no Ouji Shoten” according to the live performance.“2021 Spring Official Goods”This is the introduction corner. I thought it would be impossible to show things because it was virtual, so it was a talk with a sample on the table on the stage.

Even in this scene, the members are playing around, with Koron-san coming out of the table and trying to get lost in the goods, and Satomi-san and Gel-san coming out of the chest of the T-shirt that the mannequin is wearing. It was. There was also one act where you could hold a stuffed animal in your hand and throw it, or wear a scrunchie or a hairpin.

Next is Nanamori. “Movement Shiritori” corner proposed by Mr. Taking advantage of the virtual characteristics that can be used for the whole body, the shiritori is limited to those that can be expressed by movement. Rinu-san, who makes absurd movements such as birds and cats, Ruto-san, who has quite unique choices such as rubies, crows, and killifish, Satomi-san, who has interesting choices such as roulette, corpse, and god, and Jel-san. It was demonstrating.

At the end, Mr. Koron ends up with “N” of “Carrot” and loses, and responds to the punishment game “Running with a girl running” requested by Mr. Gel. However, Nanamori. Mr. and Mr. Jel went in and out, and Mr. Jel said, “I’ll show you an example.” It was a sprint like the eccentric species that appears in “Attack on Titan.” Furthermore, he decided on the roundoff (cartwheel that lands with both feet) and showed the height of the motor nerves.

A lot of MC parts also end here. Nanamori.The next show was the 3rd full album released in November last year, in line with the song “Can I sing that song that is suitable for the last spurt?”「Strawberry Prince」It became a song of OtoriHoney WorksSongwriting, composition and arrangement「Prince」..continue“Mabushigariya”Also showed off.

“Believe in the day we meet someday”

The live performance, which lasts for about two hours, is about to end in no time. This spring, Sutopuri has been energetically working on daily video posting, 48-hour relay live distribution, and this virtual live project. Here, I would like to introduce the impressions of this live by each member spoken at the last MC.

Satomi“I’m very happy to say that I’ll do my best if I take a closer look. I wondered if I could return the feelings I received to everyone. I took on the challenge of this virtual live. Everyone tried new things and everyone I’m very happy that they think it’s fun and create something with everyone. But after all, I want to meet everyone in person, share the same atmosphere at the same venue, and make time to laugh again. When that time comes again, let me see everyone’s eyes and say thank you. Thank you very much! It was a lot of fun today. “

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Ruto“Actually, it was the first time for me to become virtual today. I was a little scared because I didn’t know what it was like, but I’m glad I managed to get there safely. What I delivered to everyone this spring, I would be very happy if everyone enjoyed it even a little. It will be our strength to have everyone enjoy it and react in real time, so please continue to support us as a member. .Thank you for your time today!”

Koron“I was surprised that everyone gave me great comments about this virtual reality. It was such a good spring break that I think I did my best this spring. I can make wonderful memories together. I am very happy. Thank you! I will continue to challenge various things, so I look forward to working with you in the future! “

Li Dog“When I collaborated with Ruto-kun, I sang” Enkyo Rikurai. “For the first time. Just about a year ago, Nagoya Dome. I wrote the lyrics. I’m really happy to be able to sing this song with that feeling in a new challenge. When I meet again someday, look at your face. I want to sing “Enkyo Rikurai.” Thank you for today, thank you very much for this spring! I hope we can meet again someday! Thank you! “

Gel“A lot of things have been canceled or postponed, and of course we’re disappointed, but I think the saddest thing is the listener. Still, thank you to all of us, it’s fun. I’ll tell you. I really love all of them. I think I’ll be the happiest smile and the happiest joy I’ve ever met the next time I meet. I would like to believe in, believe in each other, hold hands, and walk. Sutopuri will always continue to do my best next to everyone. Thank you for your support. “

Nanamori.“A lot of comments, a lot of tweets on Twitter, feelings from everyone. Thank you very much not only for today but also for spring and past activities! Thanks to that voice, I think I will do my best tomorrow. I’ll do my best because Strawberry is doing a lot of activities. ”But for us, everyone will speak up and support us, so I think we’ll do our best. It was my first virtual live performance. I was worried and difficult, but I am very happy to be able to deliver it to everyone. I will continue to deliver activities that everyone can enjoy, so I will continue to deliver activities that everyone can enjoy. Thank you for your continued support! “

Strawberry’s first virtual live. A member who made full use of the characteristics unique to virtual and was rampaging with high tension in MC and stage performance. However, it will come to the point where it should be firmly textured. This gap is also one of the attractions.

At the end, Jel’s words overlap with the lyrics「Believe」It became the first virtual MV「Feel Free!」Was sung by all six people, and the live ended.

The archive of this live is still available on the official Strawberry YouTube channel. Even if you haven’t seen the live yet, please check the actual video with your own eyes.Also, on the day after the live, a spring song suitable for a new semester and a new life that will summarize the activities of this spring’s Strawberry Prince.“No good”MV is also released. Check it out as well.

● Set list
M1. Streamer
M2. Suki Suki Seijin
M3. It’s not Pampi !!
M4. Very
M5. Koi wa Just In Me (Satomi x Koron)
M6. Leveling (Satomi x Koron)
M7. Spill (Nanamori. × Gel)
M8. Fancy Electrica (Nanamori. × Gel)
M9. Enkyori Cry. (Rinu x Ruto)
M10. Go! Our school front! (Rinu x Ruto)
M11. Strawberry Revolution
M12. Prince
M13. Mabushigariya
M14. Believe
M15. Feel Free!

(TEXT by Ashton)

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