Strategies for joint work of business and education system outlined in Rostov

The text of the plot of the news program “Vesti. Don”:

Business education and economics are inextricably linked. This alliance will become more effective if students, teachers and entrepreneurs have a clear strategy of interaction. Bank “Cent-Invest” is constantly researching how the Don Territory copes with solving global problems. Therefore, the forum “Rostov Region – Movement towards Sustainable Development Goals” was organized.

Vladimir Lakunin, President of the Union of Employers of the Rostov Region: “We have a lot of experience, a lot of practice and, most importantly, the interest in ensuring that the indicators of sustainable development in the field of education in our country were higher than the average Russian level. We have grounds for this, and everyone is interested in this. “

The Rostov Region is the only region in Russia where the analysis of indicators and sustainable development goals has been carried out. There are 17 of them. They were approved by the UN in 2015. Tasks are global, but they are solved locally. The results of the analysis confirmed the advantages of the Don region as a region of sustainable development. But the work doesn’t stop there.

Vasily Vysokov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC CB Center-Invest: “Center-invest Bank conducts such events in order to teach our children, to mobilize our universities. So that they prepare children so that each, studying his specific subject, thinks about how his work will look from the point of view of the interests of all mankind. “

And Center-invest Bank is actively using a similar approach. Experts are confident that business strategies for sustainable progress in the region will help young people take control of global development into their own hands. And for this, it is necessary for students from the first days of study at the university to have a strategy for further implementation in the profession.


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