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ABC Arbitrage

ABC Arbitrage was informed by letter on November 24, 2021 of the sale of all ABC arbitrage securities held by IPA on November 22, 2021. These securities (367,763 shares) were sold to the company WDD Financial through a block transaction at market price, ie 7.085 euros. The acquisition of all ABC Arbitrage securities held by IPA by WDD Financial has in practice no impact on the capital allocation of ABC Arbitrage, the investment company said.


Carbios, alongside its partners T.EN Zimmer GmbH and Deloitte, obtained European funding of 3.3 million euros (including 3 million euros for Carbios) in the form of a subsidy. T.EN Zimmer GmbH brings its expertise on the repolymerization of 100% recycled PET monomers and Deloitte on the analysis of the environmental performance (in particular via the Life Cycle Analysis) of the process from plastic and textile waste.


Gaussin announced an exclusive 20-year production and licensing agreement with Nexport, an Australian producer and supplier of electric vehicles. This contract follows the signing of the modalities agreement last September. The 20-year joint venture and license agreement provides for the assembly and local supply of Gaussin’s range of zero-emission vehicles and systems for port terminals, airports, logistics and passenger transport applications.

Laurent Perrier

The champagne house will publish its half-year results.

Quantum Genomics

Quantum Genomics announced the signing of an exclusive license agreement with Teva Israel Ltd. – subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd – to market firibastat in Israel. Teva will receive the exclusive marketing rights for its historical market in the resistant and difficult to treat hypertension indication. The French biopharmaceutical company will receive payments of up to $ 11 million as well as royalties ranging from 25% up to 30% on future sales of firibastat.

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