Still no money for youth social work in schools


Corona has exacerbated children’s social problems, experts warn. But promised jobs for youth social work in schools are a long time coming in Bavaria.

Social problems among children were exacerbated by the Corona school closure, experts warn. The state government has still not fulfilled its promise for more youth social work. Photo: Oliver Berg, dpa

The Corona crisis is also a social challenge for schools: ?? The social problems in schools have tended to become even greater due to Corona ??, confirms Michael Langenhorst, community youth carer in Waldbüttelbrunn (Würzburg district). Already in elementary schools around a third of the children suffer particularly from the consequences of the “lockdown”, reports Langenhorst. And the months-long school closings have often hit particularly hard school students with a difficult environment.

“Corona has made the social problems in schools even bigger.”

Michael Langenhorst, community youth carer in Waldbüttelbrunn

It is all the more noticeable that the Söder government has still not fulfilled its promise to expand youth social work in schools (JaS): In September 2018, the then CSU state government had announced 280 additional jobs, primarily for the expansion of primary schools. However, to this day there is still not enough money from Munich.

Rita Heeg, who sits for the Greens in the Würzburg district council, believes that there is a consistently preventive socio-educational need in primary schools. But the Free State has so far not only failed to keep its funding promise, but has even thrown clubs between the legs of committed municipalities: If, for example, the Würzburg district now pre-finances JaS positions, it remains permanently on these costs, even if it does There is a new funding program from Munich ??, Heeg knows. So it is not only in Lower Franconia that people have been waiting for a decision by the state government for years: ?? But nothing is happening there ??, complains Heeg.

Celina: The consequences of state inaction are draining the families

The Söder government must “finally end its delaying tactics, because the consequences of further inaction are bathing the students and their families”, complains the Lower Franconian Green MP Kerstin Celina. It was already 2019 ?? a strong piece ?? been that the state government had not kept its YesS promise, confirms the Würzburg Green Patrick Friedl: ?? In the Corona school crisis, this refusal is an attack on the weakest and neediest children. ?? Despite the billions of sums released by the state parliament to alleviate the consequences of the corona, the municipalities are still completely alone with these problems, Friedl grumbles: ?? This is simply scandalous.

Minister of Social Affairs refers to the next budget

Bavaria’s Minister of Social Affairs, Carolina Trautner (CSU), does not want to promise a quick solution to the problem when asked. However, youth social work in schools is “a success story that needs to be continued in the next few years,” she said instead. She will therefore work to ensure that additional money is made available in the new state budget for 2021/2022 for the positions promised in 2018.

Whether this will succeed, however, in view of the empty coffers in Bavaria, too. After all, according to Finance Minister Albert Füracker (CSU), despite current tax losses in the billions, the Söder promise to keep all political promises made before Corona continues.

CSU social politicians: No point for savings

Support comes from the social politicians in the state parliament’s CSU: ?? The expansion of the JaS positions must not suffer from corona-related restrictions ??, asserts the social policy spokesman Thomas Huber (CSU): ?? It would be the completely wrong point, at this point to start with savings. He is therefore assuming that the announced positions will be financed from 2021, says Huber: ?? In any case, I am absolutely behind this decision. ??

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