Stefano Bollani, the new album: “Che musica, between tango rhythm and improvisation”

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An astral conjunction. There soundtrack of the fiction on Carosone, the “Via dei Matti number Zero” program leading in second evening on Rai3 with his wife Valentina Cenni, are for Stefano Bollani artistic projects born at different times to which is now added the album “El Chakracanta”, recorded live in Buenos Aires with the Orquesta Sin Fin directed by Exequiel Mantega. The disc contains two compositions by the Milanese pianist, 48, the “Concerto Azzurro” and the “Concerto Verde” recorded respectively at the Centro Cultural Kirchner in 2018 and at the Teatro Coliseo in 2019.

Stephen, the blue lotus flower is that of the 5th Chakra, Throat (expression), while the green one of the 4th Chakra, Heart (love). How are these two concerts born?
“The ‘blue’ concert was commissioned to me in Germany (by Kristjan Järvi and the MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra – ed), then I composed another one and now I would love to continue on this path”.

Excuse me, but what do tantra and Hinduism have to do with Argentina?
“In recent years I have played a lot in Argentina, thanks above all to the Coliseo, the only theater abroad owned by the Italian government. I found this Orquesta Sin Fin very eager to try their hand at repertoires and improvisers different from theirs and a beautiful friendship that also includes Diego Schissi, the fabulous Argentine pianist of Tango Nuevo who arranged the other two pieces of the album: ‘Libertango’ by Astor Piazzolla and ‘Don Agustin Bardi’ by Horacio Salgán “.

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For her the tango is Discépolo’s “sad thought that one dances” the “audacious” one of Borges?
“Temperamentally, I am very elucubrating, but when it comes to music I do not think of either one or the other, but of the musical elements and the rhythmic passion of tango; a very precise, very stimulating interlocking game, and very distant from the world. in which I, as an improviser, mean the music “.

You have also recently played in “Italy, America and back”, the album dedicated to Narciso Paris by Lorenzo Andreaggi.
“I was lucky enough to meet Narciso and I fell in love with the person as well as the artist; a great singer with an important story on and off the stage who was also an actor in Hollywood”.

On Rai3 the broadcast is having success.
“Valentina and I are amazed by the wave of joy that is pouring on us, but also happy because it is exactly what we wanted. We would like, in fact, for the viewers to sing at home as well; opening the throat chakra is good, also says the medicine “.

How much of your living room is in the one reproduced in the studio?
“They look quite alike. To be protected from the spirits, in fact, we brought books and records directly from home.”

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