Started accepting documents from applicants for an increased scholarship

The scholarship is awarded for success in studies, science, social activities, creativity or sports. The most deserving applicants will be selected by a special subcommittee for the appointment of an increased state academic scholarship. The names of the lucky winners will be announced no later than February 18.

The acceptance of documents from students applying for an increased state academic scholarship has begun. Requirement: Candidates must study at budget places and successfully pass the last session. Undergraduates who are simultaneously teachers – candidates of sciences or university researchers cannot participate in the competition.

Documents confirming the student’s achievements for the year are accepted until January 30 by deputy directors / deans of institutes, faculties and branches of NCFU. Special commissions of the latter evaluate the portfolio of candidates and give their recommendations. Then, for each of the five nominations (educational, research, social, cultural and creative, sports activities), working groups gather. They consider all the submitted documents and at the general meeting build their own rating of applicants. The names of the scholarship holders will be known no later than February 18 after the meeting of the subcommittee on the appointment of an increased state academic scholarship. It is she who makes the final decision which of the students is most worthy of encouragement. These lucky students will receive an increased academic scholarship for the next semester. Its size will be 7-11 thousand rubles, depending on the course and degree of higher education.

“This scholarship has been awarded to the best students for many years,” explained Tatyana Kotlo, secretary of the subcommittee for the appointment of increased state academic scholarships of the University Scholarship Commission. – According to the quota of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the number of scholarship holders should not exceed 10 percent of the total number of students receiving academic scholarships. The competition is always very high. We are sure that we will have many worthy candidates. The scholarship will be for them evidence of recognition of their merits and a good help.

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