Start of school with three tests per week

School will start again in Eastern Austria on September 6th, followed by the West a week later. Education Minister Heinz Faßmann and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein announced on Wednesday how they envision a safe start to school. The good news: face-to-face teaching should take place continuously, says Faßmann, and school closings should no longer exist across the board.

The bad news: Nobody can rule out the possibility of school closings here and there, but any measures would only be taken regionally and for a limited time.

Security phase

What is new is that the intensive testing at the start of school is to be extended from two to three weeks. Schoolchildren test three times a week, usually on Mondays with a (quick) antigen and a (very reliable) PCR test and again on Thursday with an antigen test.

With vaccinated teachers, three antigen tests per week are sufficient: Unvaccinated teachers have to test themselves before the start of the class. They have to submit a PCR test once a week. At school, they also have to do two antigen tests a week.

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