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This year’s project funding by the Austrian Society for Political Education (ÖGPB) starts on January 15th. Political adult education projects in the member states are funded. As of 2022, Vienna is also a member state of the ÖGPB and project submissions from all federal states are now possible. Applications can be submitted online from January 15 to March 15, 2022 via the ÖGPB website.

Thematic focus in 2022

The focus of the funding activities of the Austrian Society for Civic Education is again primarily on a selected topic. When selecting and describing this focus, the ÖGPB team orientates itself on current specialist debates, recent publications and specific inquiries as well as offers of political education in German-speaking countries. This year, the Austrian Society for Civic Education is placing its call for proposals under the focus “Democracy in transition?”. When it comes to project funding, around 50% of the total funds available are allocated to projects that deal with this thematic focus. About 50% of projects are funded on other, freely selectable topics of political adult education in order to ensure the continuity of the educational work.

Assistance with project submission

The employees of the ÖGPB offer advice by telephone or e-mail on content-related or administrative issues. The online event “Information and advice for educational institutions and NGOs” is another information service. If you are interested, you can also book a one-day advice workshop “Political education free of charge”. Extensive information and tips on project funding can also be found in the guide “How good ideas become successful projects…” (PDF).

Conditions of project funding

The Austrian Society for Political Education promotes educational measures that enable citizens to deal with questions of political education and politics and to encourage political participation. The financial resources are made available in equal parts by the member states of the ÖGPB and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research for project funding. Projects are funded up to a maximum amount of 4,500 euros. Applications can be submitted from January 15 to March 15 via the ÖGPB website. The board of the Austrian Society for Civic Education will decide on the project allocation by mid-May after a thorough examination of the project applications. The detailed conditions of project funding can be found on the website of the Austrian Society for Civic Education.

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