Standards of vocational training –

The motto of our school is: “Learn together – grow together”

In order to do justice to this mission statement, our secondary school carries out a variety of activities that begin in the 5th grade and continue through to the 10th grade. Our goal is to prepare the children well and well-founded for working life. Career and study orientation is particularly important at our school. We want to make offers from the world of work transparent and coordinate them with the interests and skills of the students.

From class 7, parents and legal guardians are informed early on about the contents of the BO concept, are made aware of a strength-oriented and gender-sensitive BO and are involved in the entire BO process.

The following standards form the basis of our daily work. In the area of ​​career and study orientation, the students should:

  • Receive offers to enable them to get professional orientation as early as possible.
  • get the opportunity to find out their strengths and abilities, to actively promote and develop them.
  • Receive knowledge about the working world in order to recognize and actively shape their career and development opportunities.
  • Gain practical experience in various professions.

This results in an overarching goal for the mission statement of our school in the area of ​​career and study orientation:

Based on the standards mentioned above, the students should be able to make a well-founded, goal-oriented and individual decision about their further professional life at the end of their Realschule time. Of course, this decision also includes attending a secondary school in order to achieve a higher degree.

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