Stage Fright: How We Manage Our Excitement – Podcast

If we are faced with an important situation, it is very likely that it will occur: stage fright. At least a few minutes before the lecture, exam or date. Then the pulse rises, the thoughts circle – nothing works anymore. And so the fear of making mistakes or even failing is often even greater.

“The excitement is not a mirror for our quality,” says psychologist and presenter René Träder in the podcast “Smarter Leben”. “If anything, it is a mirror of how we judge our qualities or how practiced we are in certain situations.”

We don’t need to be unsettled by our stage fright, it’s quite natural. Most of us feel excitement in unfamiliar situations – especially when we feel watched.

“We humans hate being evaluated – because the evaluation always offers the possibility of devaluation,” says Träder. »We always want to be liked by others, and we also want to increase our self-worth. That is a very important motive in everything we do. “

And don’t forget: stage fright also has its good sides. It activates us, indicates that an important situation is ahead, and the adrenaline in the body wakes us up. Rather than curse the excitement, let us embrace it. And maybe even look forward to it.

But how do you make friends with stage fright? What helps with acute excitement? And how can we calm down beforehand?

René Träder explains it in the SPIEGEL podcast “Living Smarter”.

You can hear the episode here:

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