Staff of hotels and holiday parks used against sexual exploitation


A new campaign and a certification program for hotels and holiday parks is fighting against sexual exploitation. Staff from those branches are deployed to recognize signals.

There are an estimated 3,000 victims of sexual exploitation in the Netherlands every year, including 1,300 minors. It often takes place under the radar, out of sight of everyone.

With the No Place for Sex Trafficking platform, various parties, including the Ministry of Justice and Security, the Public Prosecution Service, the rights organization Defense for Children and creative agency What The Studio, are fighting the social problem.


Hotels can obtain a certificate of responsibility if 60 percent of their employees undergo online training. The training should make employees aware of the problems and learn to recognize signs of sexual exploitation in their work environment, such as changing sheets or towels more often than usual.

‘Shame and low self-esteem, in combination with a highly controlled environment of victims, make it difficult to escape the situation of exploitation. In addition, it is common for victims of sexual exploitation not to recognize themselves as such, ‘said national prosecutor for human trafficking Warner ten Kate. He hopes with the new platform that situations of exploitation can be broken and prevented sooner.

Hotel industry

According to Ten Kate, various representatives from the hotel industry have now promised to use the certification program, because they want to increase awareness among their employees and above all want to offer a safe environment to their visitors.

The platform aims to launch similar certification programs for cafes, clubs and restaurants, as well as taxi companies next year.

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