Stadtkind presents: Quellen Concerts and Lost Concerts: The return of live music to Stuttgart – Stuttgart

By Björn Springorum May 28, 2021 – 2:00 p.m.

Good times in sight: Maeckes will play on August 10th. and on 08/30 in the Wizemann.

Photo: Monica Menez

The numbers drop like the level on a good pub night. Reason enough for Chimperator and Wizemann to increase the anticipation of the summer almost immeasurably with the concert series Quellen Concerts and Lost Concerts.

By Björn Springorum

May 28, 2021 – 2:00 p.m.

Stuttgart – When did you go to your last concert? A long time ago, wasn’t it? We know, we know. All the better that we can announce really, really good news today: In July 2021, the Wizemann and Chimperator Live will start the series of Quellen concerts and Lost Concerts – sponsored by Neustart Kultur and presented by Stadtkind Stuttgart and Viva con Agua. Live concerts! In front of an audience! In Stuttgart! Maybe even dance with me! Seriously, we also feel like we’re dreaming. Pinch us.

What began in 2020 with the premiere of the art project “Quellen Galerie” in collaboration with Viva con Agua is now being continued with the “Quellen concerts”. From July 22nd (already mark it in bold in the calendar) 18 musicians and bands from Stuttgart and all over Germany will be guest at the Wizemann. Just like in the past, when it was seriously considered a problem to have to choose between two concerts because there is so much on offer. We had problems!

Something like careful relief

Matthias Mettmann, the boss of Chimperator Live and Im Wizemann, can’t quite believe it either: “I’m still downright incredulous that this is happening,” he is amazed. “In the last year and a half we have planned so much for the bin and only laid it for months that it now feels really unreal. We’re all incredibly excited and really happy. ”After difficult months for the live industry,“ something like cautious relief ”is also spreading at Chimperator Live, says Matthias.

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So they can finally do what they do best again: plan unforgettable concert moments for us. The Quellen concerts, according to Matthias, are the continuation of the Quellen Galerie art campaign and will continue to be a regular gallery campaign and live series beyond 2021. It starts on July 22nd. with the spherical electro-poppers Hundreds from Hamburg, it will end on 2.9. with the indie shooting stars province. In between there is a wonderful mix of local greats and national names. “Especially in the Corona period, it is important to us to support the local scene,” says Matthias. “We are therefore particularly pleased that it has become so musically broad.”

National and local highlights

He can say that out loud: With Eau Rouge it will be on July 23rd. shimmering and epic, with the Peter Muffin Trio on July 28th. punk and noisy. On 3.8. The Kummer sisters of Blond play their second Wizemann show before Stuttgart’s new soul princess Tabea Booz on August 4th. enchants. The Kids Of Adelaide or Maeckes will also appear later. Here is a complete overview of the dates:

22.07.21 Hundreds
07.23.21 Red Water
28.07.21 Peter Muffin Trio
03.08.21 Blond
04.08.21 Tabea Booz
08.08.21 Marvin Game
13.08.21 Fil Bo Riva
14.08.21 Rich
15.08.21 Cosby & Loi
19.08.21 Sero
20.08.21 Noah Levi
August 22, 21 Nico Laska
26.08.21 Kids Of Adelaide
27.08.21 Marz & Sickless
28.08.21 Tristan Brusch
29.08.21 Parallel
08/30/21 Maeckes & the guitar
09/02/21 Province

But that’s only half of the good news. The other is called Lost Concerts, a concert special that allows artists from the Chimperator live roster to perform once in Stuttgart and Cologne.

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15.07.21 Blackout Problems – Im Wizemann
16.07.21 Blackout Problems – Carlswerk Victoria
07/16/21 wavvyboi – Im Wizemann
17.07.21 wavvyboi – Carlswerk Victoria
07/28/21 Maeckes & the guitar – Carlswerk Victoria
29.07.21 Megaloh – Im Wizemann
30.07.21 Megaloh – Carlswerk Victoria
08/06/21 Bengio – Im Wizemann
06.08.21 Teesy & Manith Bertz – Carlswerk Victoria
07.08.21 Bengio – Carlswerk Victoria
07.08.21 Teesy & Manith Bertz – Im Wizemann
08/10/21 Maeckes & the guitar – In the Wizemann
17.08.21 TUA – Carlswerk Victoria
08/18/21 TUA – Im Wizemann
01.09.21 Weekend – Im Wizemann
04.09.21 Weekend – Carlswerk Victoria

Despite falling incidences and a hygiene concept, all concerts are of course a dynamic process. Matthias: “The concept will be adapted to the applicable rules. Maybe the concerts can take place in front of 100 spectators, but maybe also before 250. ”Either way: One euro per ticket goes to projects by Viva con Agua ARTS. So let’s summarize again briefly: Concerts! In Stuttgart! Hard to believe…

Further information and tickets will be available from next week at and Stadtkind will also be giving away lots of tickets! More information will follow.


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