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Xavi thinks that Manchester United is not so far behind Barcelona

Barcelona legend Xavi believes that the only area of ​​the field in which Manchester United is equal to its opponents in the quarter-final of the Champions League both in goal with David de Gea and Marc-André ter Stegen of the same quality.

It is fair to say that most people would not expect Manchester United to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League, which would be their first visit in the last four since 2011, when they take Barcelona in the quarter-finals.

The United States was lucky enough to get through the knockout stages in the first place, despite their victory against Juventus, and they shouldn't have beaten PSG in the second round.

Through the will, perhaps an act of god and a slice of luck on the part of VAR, it was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team who went behind at a disadvantage despite the 2-0 disadvantage from the home team.

If this was not a difficult enough draw, then getting Barcelona in the semifinals was certainly not the easiest match in the Premier League.

While most people expect Liga leaders to have too much of their former Barça midfielder for them, Xavi thinks the two sides are not too far off in quality.

Speaking with the mirror, the 39-year-old evaluated each area of ​​the field for every team out of 10 with the Catalan giants coming out on top 36-33.

According to the Spaniard both teams score nine points out of 10 for goalkeeper David de Gea and Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Barça's defense wins by 8-7, the midfield is ahead 9-8 and, aided by Lionel Messi, l & # 39; attack wins 10-9.

United may need some De Gea heroics to overcome. Image: PA images
United may need some De Gea heroics to overcome. Image: PA images

On the attack of Ernesto Valverde the midfielder Al Sadd SC said, "Messi continues to improve and he is the best ever and this season seems as dangerous as ever and when it is so it is impossible to be silent".

Messi is in a ridiculous form. Image: PA images
Messi is in a ridiculous form. Image: PA images

Xavi identified Romelu Lukaku, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial as capable of causing problems for the Spanish side.

The Champions League has become the only silver chance for the United States this season, following their loss to the Wolves in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, and they would have to run unexpectedly until the final with Chelsea in 2011 to do so .

Can United win the Champions League?

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