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Chihuahuense by birth, but with a more youthful heart. The Águilas del América goalkeeper, Óscar Jiménez, said there is a special taste for playing the Copa MX final at the Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez against the Braves of FC Juárez.
Originally from the city of Chihuahua, he lived in Ciudad Juarez for 17 years, where he started his professional career as a soccer player at the Club de Futbol Indios in the Second Division.
Jiménez managed to become the fourth goalkeeper of the border club, with only 18 years, when the Indians promoted to the First Division in 2008, so he came to share a dressing room with the archers Cirilo Saucedo, Humberto "Gansito" Hernández and with Alonso "Popeye" Jimenez. However, it was in the U-20 category where he managed to have more participation with the Juarez team.
"Ciudad Juárez is my home, that's what I consider it since I went to that stadium as a kid to support the Cobra & # 39; s, the Indians. Being able to play a final in that stadium with América, "The club I've been dreaming about since I was a kid is something that feels really beautiful, it's worth all the effort I did," said the Chihuahua keeper.
After playing with Indios, his career continued in Cruz Azul Hidalgo and then at Lobos BUAP. At that time Jimenez heard about the disaffiliation of the Juarez team in 2011. "The truth is that he feels sad for his teammates, they had difficult moments because they don't know what will happen to their life. Yes, it hurt "I was with Lobos BUAP when I had to listen to the news," he said.
The Eagles player said he never thought he was playing a final and disputed a title at the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium. "The truth is not. Yes, I dreamed that someday I would play there in that stadium, that I was going to play, but to play a final with Club América and Bravos, no, I didn't think so Once on. "
In the previous Copa tournament, the Braves eliminated América in the round of 16 in the Estadio Azteca. For Jiménez, this final does not mean a rematch against the border club. "No, not at all, these are different moments. The last time that defeat taught us a lot. It is a final that we have to win, that is what this team was formed for."
The goalkeeper expects a disputed final and a complicated opponent, because he believes he is well directed with Gabriel Caballero. "It is a team where everyone runs, everyone fights and then in a final, especially if it is against America. They have players who have already played in the First Division, they play at home, then it will be a very controversial game, I think that the individual players have to leave and it will be a great match for all the people who will attend the stadium ".
The Chihuahua did not close the door for the possibility of becoming a professional football player again in Ciudad Juarez. "I would really like it, I never say no, but at the moment I am very happy at Club América, I hope to stay here for many years, in the team I have always dreamed of," he explained.
Ultimately, the American goalkeeper asked Juarez fans to enjoy the game and fill the stadium. "The truth is that it is a very healthy hobby. Go and enjoy the game, because it will be something that will probably not be repeated in years, then go and fill the stadium.
The Copa MX Grand Final will be played next Wednesday at 8 p.m. between the Braves of Ciudad Juárez and the Águilas del América in the Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez.



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