What the Twins list looks like after signing Josh Donaldson


The Minnesota Twins are in excellent shape with their squad with almost all their holes filled this offseason. Josh Donaldson really helps convert this big list to … well, really cool, I guess. With about a month until spring training begins, this is where we find the possible list of opening days.

Initial launchers (5): Jose Berrios, Jake Odorizzi, Homer Baileyand choose two from Thorpe / Dobnak / Smeltzer / Graterol

The main objective of the offseason was always to add the initial impact release, but that has not really happened unless you call Bailey and Rich Hill impact additions. Even so, the rotation is in good shape with two stars, a reliable veteran and two rookies who could be very good. This includes its most constant starter of 2019, Michael Pineda, and one of the best baseball pitchers in recent years, Rich Hill, waiting on the wings. I think Thorpe, Dobnak, Smeltzer and Graterol could be very good if given the opportunity, and it seems they will be. Certainly, it can be argued that there is still a need to add another impact initiator, and I would agree, but I bet that that addition comes on the exchange deadline.

Distress Launchers (8): Taylor Rogers, Tyler Duffey, Trevor May, Sergio Romo, Tyler Clippard, Zack Littell, Cody Stashak, Matt wisler

The bullpen will be one of the best areas of this team that will have many really good areas. Rogers, Duffey, May, Romo and Clippard are locks with Littell and Stashak that also have extremely strong cases. That really leaves an open place and Matt Wisler, Fernando Romero and Ryne Harper, among others, could fill that place. Graterol could also play that role depending on what the Twins see in the future. In general, this should be a very strong unit with a solid depth.

Collectors (2): Mitch Garver Y Alex Avila

There is no controversy here about who will be on the first day’s list with Garver coming out of one of the best offensive seasons as a receiver in the history of the MLB and Avila entering as a solid backer. I suspect we see a 65% / 35% split in game time between the two unless injuries occur. Willians Astudillo did not break my list, but he will definitely be one of the first to be called when an injury occurs.

Box players (5): Miguel Sano, Luis Arraez, Josh Donaldson (!), Jorge Polanco, Ehire Adrianza

Well, this group certainly looks much more intimidating than yesterday. Josh Donaldson signed for 4 years / $ 92 million and will be the third first base player. With Miguel Sano, Jorge Polanco and Luis Arraez filling the rest of the box, this group could be the most dangerous box in baseball. Defensively, not everything is so encouraging, but the incorporation of Donaldson makes it look much better. Infield outs above average is a new leaderboard that was recently added. Donaldson is +8, but Sano is -5, Arraez is -6 and Polano is -16, so hopefully Donaldson can stabilize the defense.

Gardeners (5): Eddie Rosario, Byron Buxton, Max Kepler, Marwin Gonzalez, Jake Cave

The headlines of this group will be Rosario, Buxton and Kepler, which will remain one of the best baseball gardens. Gonzalez could literally appear anywhere here, but I chose to put it in the garden. The fact that he is most likely not in the first day lineup talks about how elite this Twins team can be. I bet Gonzalez would undoubtedly start on almost every other team, but he has too many great players. Jake Cave and LaMonte Wade jr. It will be a fun competition and I really like Wade, but I bet Cave is part of the team.

Designated batter (1): Nelson Cruz

What should be said about Cruz that has not already been said? He is still one of the best power hitters in baseball and comes from another excellent season where he hit 41 bombs with an OPS at 1,041 despite being almost 40 years old. He will continue to break baseballs and guide young children as he did with Miguel Sano as the 2020 season progresses.

So this is where the potential list of the Twins is found after signing Josh Donaldson. What you think? Personally, I think it’s a list of the top five in baseball and another addition of starting pitcher would solidify that belief. Let me know what you would like to see in the comments!


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