"We thought we had it"


The rejected winning goal in the top match against Tottenham Hotspur has created unattractive memories for the Manchester City Pep Guardiola team manager

"I thought we had left that situation in the Champions League last season, but it was the same, the referee and the video assistant denied it, it's been the second time, it's hard, but that's how it is now" Guardiola said after the 2-2 (2: 1).

The Brazilian Gabriel Jesus scored the supposed victory in injury time, but the goal was refused after studying the photos due to handball. In the quarterfinals second leg in the premiere in April, Raheem Sterling had also scored in the final second, the supposed 5: 3, which would have been enough to move forward. After being informed by the video assistant, the referee decided to play offside, City was eliminated.

Guardiola complained about a lack of consistency in decisions and also thought of the European Supercup during the week between Liverpool and Chelsea. "We saw it on Wednesday and the keeper, Adrian, was not on penalties," said the Spaniard.

Adrian had received the decisive penalty from Tammy Abraham, but was clearly in the lead. However, according to the new rules, the keeper must have at least one foot on the line when he executes a penalty. The video assistant did not intervene. "They must resolve that," Guardiola said.

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