Home Sports Unrecognizable Barca complicates life in the cup (2-1)

Unrecognizable Barca complicates life in the cup (2-1)

Became a giant with clay feet, Barça suffered for the Copa del Rey and fell on the Levante field in a game in which the rotations of Ernesto Valverde and the individual deflection of a team without references turned the leader of the competition into a cartoon in the cup. Two goals from a Levante who knew how to combine their ideas, led Barça out of the game and did not have time to let their players play together, because he had lost three minutes. The defense, in which Murillo made his debut with the young Miranda and Chumi, was the Achilles heel of a team that did not need any action to eliminate the eliminator thanks to a magnificent game by Denis Suárez in minute 85, when he imposed a fine ensured that the wound did not increase. Barça will return to Camp Nou next week in a duel in which Valverde will have to decide if he is still betting on the rotations in the Cup to protect the headlines or to call them in rows.

To do experiments and to succeed, it is usually necessary to burn earlier. On the path that leads from theory to practice, many seemingly clear plans eventually become major disasters. Football is the same. To get it right, you have to do tests. And some of these tests eventually cause shipwrecks. After the experience of last season, when the totem players almost never rested, Valverde opted for radical spins in the city of Valencia, but during the break he was forced to turn the tail and let Sergi Roberto go. Protect a team that has been converted into the Titanic: very elegant and with lots of slopes, but sinking while playing background music.

El Llevant, a team that, thanks to Paco López, found what he usually finds in football, an identity, was true to himself. The frog team is not distinguished by fear or respect for its rivals. Whether it is a Second B team or the league champion, bite him, push him and he wants to drop him off the pedestal. Barça defeated him last season in the competition and he stretched his ears before he was defeated. But in the first leg of the second round of the Cup, the Levante took only three minutes to score the first goal, when Erick Cabaco only appeared in the Barça-area and Jasper Cillessen defeated with a bang impeccable head The badly defended piece was the start from the Barça road junction. Valverde's defense, experimental, rather than feeling comfortable, doubted the whole company.

Murillo, no luck

For Jeison Murillo, who returned to Valencia to face Levante, the debut was a nightmare. After 25 minutes he had already seen how they scored two goals in front of him and they had already shown a yellow yellow card. If Cabaco's goal was a collective error in defending an error, the second, three-quarters of it. The Blaugrana allowed Levante to find innings until he was connected to Borja Mayoral, who won the match against Murillo, fighting between the legs of the central Colombian. Murillo played under the guidance of a Chumi who was also rightly admonished, and with Semedo and Miranda on the sides. For all, the Cup-duel, rather than being a chance, was worse than the end of the exams course without having studied a single day. Without their stars, they have bitten their nails, Barça suspended. Dembele did not know how to make a new fake, in the middle of the field, without Arthur, he had no light and Levante always found holes where he could bite.

In the city of Valencia Ernesto Valverde & # 39; s experiment served to draw conclusions, but none of the positive. Nothing resulted in routing, both collectively and individually. Malcom missed a clear chance to score only in one of the contrels that always drove a Levante; Dembele made no difference, and Coutinho followed his progressive decline to hell. The Brazilian seems to lead an existential crisis that has gradually lost all football qualities that made him a big star, and he missed the game Barça in the middle of the field, which was a black hole where Arturo Vidal did what he could . That is, he did more mistakes than assistants. Levante, who also gave rest to some important players such as Bardhi or a Morales who entered the second half, always had to know what to do: try to increase the Barça's injury, soft in defense, despite the fact that the prize paid cede rooms that players like Dembélé or Aleñá did not know how to take advantage of. And occasionally, in a match as electric as frustrating for Barça, they did not miss the Valverde team.

With a competition system that still protects the greats against a return match, the Cup was the ideal scenario to change the team from head to toe, although the result, both on game level and in the result, was so bad that Valverde lost his hair elongated to see how his players only battled, against a rival who won the war together in a single block. Busquets and Coutinho have finished making theater, as if they could not remember that the VAR had already come into action in the Cup. The party gave Valverde in a sense the reason why he had asked to strengthen the defense. Without Piqué, Umtiti and a Lenglet who entered the second half, the defense of Barça seemed a toy in the hands of Levante, who knew how to defend the 2-0 during a second frustrating piece in which Barça did not do much. Until a man who seems to leave the club, Denis Suárez, invented an individual movement when it was a few minutes ago on the lawn and Coutinho could score a goal that made the face look more ugly of Barça.

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