Treble Winners of Manchester United are statistically the worst Champions League winners


Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester United team could have won an unprecedented triple 20 years ago, but they were the worst team to win the Champions League, according to statistics.

It must have been pretty rubbish for everyone at Old Trafford last weekend, as it has been for most of the season in terms of equity, for Manchester United fans and players it was a reminder of how good they were, for Bayern Monaco was a reminder of their crushing loss.

The teams of the 1999 Champions League final, and some additions, came together to play the Reunion game, exactly 20 years later, last Sunday.

Of course two decades ago, as long as it seemed a long time, the Red Devils requested very late goals from Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, both as subtitles, to win the game.

Everyone remembers him as an incredible victory for the success of United and Champions League as an incredible result to crown what was a historic season.

However, according to Opta Stats, through your promotional code, the Treble winners are actually the worst Champions League winners of all time, statistically:

The winners of the highs were not as good as previously thought. Image: Opta
The winners of the highs were not as good as previously thought. Image: Opta

Fergie's team in 1998/99 has the worst victory rate of all the teams that won the competition, five times worse than Fabio Capello's team since 1993/94.

The English team has also conceded many more goals per game than the rest of the teams in the top five, more than a goal in one game more than in the Milan of the early years & # 39; 90.

Although it is worth emphasizing that Fergie's men, still like Milan, have remained unbeaten throughout their European campaign and their goals have also been impressive.

As for the best winners, the winning team of La Anima by Carlo Ancelotti is at the top of the ranking:

The best winners of the Champions League. Image: Opta
The best winners of the Champions League. Image: Opta

In defense of United they had to face Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the group stage, before tackling the excellent Inter and Juventus teams in the knockout stages and then the rematch with Bayern at the Nou Camp.

Or Spurs or Liverpool will join the list of winners this year when the two teams face off Saturday in Madrid.

Will the north of London celebrate or will it be a sixth European title for the Merseysiders?