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Top 14 – Clermont: ASM was embarrassed by Racing

Posted on April 8, 2019 at 6:15 PM

Thibault Laurens

While the Clermontois easily dominated very shy Racingmen, the men of Franck Azéma played the fright of Marcel-Michelin on Sunday. Even worse, without a missed penalty from Maxime Machenaud on the mermaid, the ASM would have had the first setback of the season at home. An anomaly, given the physiognomy of the competition.

Sunday afternoon, during the collision of the 21st day of Top 14, the Racing 92 almost played a bad turn in Clermont. In a fairly open game, as shown by the seven attempts scored, the Parisians finally drew the draw (31-31) after missing the penalty for winning the mermaid. But how did the Auvergnats get there? After an absolutely controlled first half, the semi-finalists of the Challenge Cup scored four times. Certainly, they are, at least for the first three, the result of gifts offered for free by the men of the duo Laurent Travers – Laurent Labit. Nevertheless, the ASM never really hid during this meeting.

Ineffectiveness in the face of disturbing messages

At half an hour and while the offending bonus point was in Clermont's pocket, the score was "only" 22-13. Despite the fact that Racing had shown almost nothing during the first act, the visitors were able to keep in touch with their opponent. The Sky and White will be able to thank the six points left after three transformations missed by Morgan Parra and Camille Lopez. At the time of Maxime Machenaud's equalization, ie the 77th minute, the success rate of Clermont goal scorers was 57.1%. A figure light years away from the usual status of the two ASM internationals. Last year Morgan Parra was the most reliable player in the Top 14 for the messages with 91.4% success. This season the best director of Clermont is called … Greig Laidlaw with 141 points. Opposite Racing the Scottish international was not on the score list.

Crossing is not scoring

" It is not possible to break so much and not to complete the photos Pleased Morgan Parra after the last whistle. Indeed, the three-quarters of Clermont have often undermined the defense of Racing. It is particularly thought of Wesley Fofana, author of a test and appeared very in leg for his return to the XV holder. The Fijian center Apisai Naqalevu has also let its power speak, often crossing the Ile curtain. But although Racing has been extremely realistic about its testing capabilities, Clermont clearly lacked efficiency. The absence of a test hunter such as Damian Penaud or Peter Betham (substitute at the kick-off) was also felt. Despite these failures, the second in the Top 14 still retained their unbeatable home. An evil for a good time, while important deadlines are fast approaching. "This competition probably teaches us about ourselves, like all these great end-of-year events. Except that the playoff games will be coming soon and we don't have the right to make the mistake "Has rightly analyzed Franck Azéma. Whether in the future championship final or in the semi-final of the Challenge Cup against the Harlequins, Clermont will have to wipe out his imperfections. At the risk of seeing the beautiful promises from the start of the season.


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