Home Sports They say that Conor McGregor does cocaine. Is that right?

They say that Conor McGregor does cocaine. Is that right?

Before the famous press conference Conor did not completely destroy the battle with Habib. The Irishman went into the shadows and flashed regularly in the instagram – this limited all of his media activities. But the main battle of the fall elegantly called Colby Covington – a craziness of the welter weight of the UFC.

"Conor uses cocaine a little, depends a lot on parties with his whores, he gets cogged by a little leprechaun, who constantly loses his shape, and it's clear why he does not publish the fight," said the man, who for a long time of the most important clowns of the entire organization was considered.

Colby once hired porn stars for photo shoots and brought the UFC belt to Donald Trump (again for the sake of a good photo), but the heaviest scandal erupted after the hunter's replica of Brazil. Covington called this land a garbage and its inhabitants – dirty animals. Then I had to apologize, but the man did not give up: "I apologize for any dirty animal I've touched, Kind regards, Colby Covington."

The image of the infantile madman did his work: Covington's quotation about Conor's drug addiction was published by all the media in the world, but there is still no research on dependency theories that are distributed as puzzles across the web. It turned out that McGregor had long been suspected of inhaling powder, but with clear evidence everything is sad. Although there are four main episodes, the Irish were associated with substances.

Bus and Habib

Spring of 2018, Habib Nurmagomedov with the team is in the bus, and Conor and his thugs throw everything at the windows, not zaparivayas about what an idiotic escapade will end. This story Dana White immediately mentioned the most vicious in the history of the UFC and promised that he would not otmazyvat McGregor for the police. "Maybe he was under psychotic drugs," said the evil boss of the promotion, who did not understand why the superstar was attacking the bus.

The words of White flew by, however, and Conor escaped a realistic date – probably in his blood they found nothing illegal.

Doping testing

Three years ago, McGregor had to fight with Jose Aldo. A few weeks before the fight, the Brazilian was clearly nervous and gave a sensation: according to him Conor was not checked for banned substances – he simply avoided this procedure.

The hypothesis has certainly failed. Initially it turned out that Mr. Mack did all the tests on time, and a little later Aldo committed himself for 13 seconds – it was after that battle that Konor finally got big. And a year ago it became known that the Irishman was more often tortured with doping controls than any other UFC hunter. Given that cocaine is excreted from the body for 3-4 days, McGregor should peddle hard so that his nostrils can be smeared with impunity.

A party in Scotland

It is all basic – there is a video with a hyperactive McGregor, who has fun in one of the clubs in Glasgow. The admission time is in the autumn of 2017, that is, Conor has already received an irate compensation for the fight with Floyd. How would someone behave differently, who was responsible for about $ 100 million?

Most likely, it's just alcohol, but spread across YouTube video's with a separate Conor and headlines in the spirit of MacGregor under the coke & # 39; collects tens of thousands of views consistently.

Hysteria in Dublin

The most disturbing story occurred at the end of 2016 in Ireland when Conor entered the criminal area of ​​Dublin (the northernmost part of the city). His white BMW was immediately surrounded by local hooligans (maybe even dragdilers), and he got out of the car to sort things out.

As a result, MacGregor snapped at these boys and drove on. Admittedly, the witnesses say that the hunter was extremely inadequate – judging by the fact that the bandits held telephones in their hands, and not bits, the boys simply wanted to be photographed. It did not work – they bumped into a psychopath.

What else is known?

Conor has long been married to De Devlin (the girl was with him, even when Mack got a penny) and in May 2017 they had a son. Nonetheless, from time to time the Irishman is suspected of organizing parties with models, strippers and other ladies who are capable of shocking the white reputation of a devoted family man.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregorGetty Images

Again, the logic of such insiders is standard: where are the ladies, there is cola. But MacGregor has never been caught – it means he does not use any powder at all, or so rarely and in such microscopic doses that he never falls. In any case, the amateurish arguments in the spirit of "he behaves as an abused" is better left to the boys like Covington and Aldo. This is a trivial trestle of MMA, and not a chubby map with evidence of reinforced concrete.

Other texts by Pavel Gorodnitsky about Konor and Habib:

The victory of Habib is favorable for the UFC. But Conor is planning something

Habib received no belt, but a magnet for Conor. Without Irish, this championship is nothing.

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