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The same idea to achieve success: everything revolves around the ball

Pep Guardiola summarized it in a very simple sense: "Take the ball, pass the ball". A brief statement that gathers the idea that is so basic and at the same time so complex that it defines a style of play based on the simplicity of the past and that has led Barça to marvel at their football when it has slipped completely. A good pass, good positioning of the body and move the whole team around the ball. Let the brain work more than strong legs. A slogan that Laureano Ruiz began to apply to the youth of Barça, Johan Cruyff evolved with the Dream Team and reached the top with Guardiola.

A football idea that Barça not only led to win, but also to fall in love with rivals. "At that moment [la del Barça de Guardiola] They could pass on every game, but if he played Barça at the same time, he played against whom he played, you chose to watch Barça ", explains the newly opened documentary Grab the ball, give the ball Michael Carrick, former Manchester United player, lost two Champions League final against Barça. The idea is clear and the model is being learned in La Masia, but there are more technicians and teams that choose football, such as Quique Setién and Betis.

The big pins of the League

After Barça & # 39; s Ernesto Valverde is the second team with the most possession of the League Betis: the Catalans go to the rankings with an average score of 68.34%, just over 67.46% of the Andalusians. If we look at the most recent players, five of the first six players top the list Barça or Betis: Rakitic (956 passes), Mandi (905), Bartra (869), Piqué (864)) and Busquets (840). The only player who does not play Barça or Betis and who is in the top 5 It is Sergio Ramos, with 850 passes.

"We have a very defined style, but the property must serve to generate opportunities and avoid generating them, if you have much more possession than the opponent, but ultimately generate more danger and achieve more goals, the rival will become the dominator. have been, "Valverde said a few days ago when he asked about the NOW . "The possession is a means to reach a goal, that is to score goals and that they do not do to you." The possession itself is unyielding, we have the ball and we take away the opponent, but the goal is to finish the games in the best possible way: when the opponent leaves spaces, we do not have to take a step to the side, but we want to finish the movement quickly, "defense Setién.

The Betis coach bet is brave, because it is clearly not the same to apply the property game to Barça, where this model is used from the base and is a club with many more options than for the whole. Andalusian, more subject to the style of the technician they have at all times. That is why Setién has fans – in the Europa League he has won Betis to win 1-2 in San Siro against a historic one like Milan, and he has beaten Sevilla 1-0 in the first Andalusian derby of the season – And at the same time it must fight with the critics who demand more practical matters and results, because the Andalusians are installed in the middle-low part of the classification with a balance of three wins, four draws and four defeats.

No Dembélé, the twist of Malcom?

In this match of two sets with the same idea that will be played in Camp Nou today, it will be necessary to see if Malcom, the fashion-player this week for his goal at Inter Milan, will leave at the Barça-attack because Coutinho is injured – is suspended between two and three weeks – and Dembélé is sentenced by a technical decision. Valverde could choose a front consisting of Rafinha, Luis Suárez and Malcom, in case Messi, who received the medical discharge yesterday, did not start. Another option can be for Munir.

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