Home Sports The PSG takes a legal action against the Manchester United legend Evra

The PSG takes a legal action against the Manchester United legend Evra

Paris Saint-Germain is considering all possible legal actions to be taken before deciding whether to pursue Patrice Evra after his last attack against Ligue 1 leaders, sources told ESPN FC.

Evra wildly celebrated in the stands after the former Manchester United club beat PSG out of the Champions League thanks to the last penalty of Marcus Rashford.

After the game, his former Monaco team-mate Jerome Rothen accused Evra of "disrespect" and Evra responded with the threat: "The next time I see you, I'll slap you in the face." But the response of the captain of France did not stop there.

"Here it is Manchester," Evra said in the back seat of a taxi on Sunday. "Stop supporting teams that will never win.

"Even my cousin who is in the front row [of the car] is p —– off. Paris, you're a little f —- ts, some f —- ts, I'm telling you. We [United] put our team D. [against PSG] and we did it to you. Some children played – they cleaned my boots. They don't even have sperm [yet]. Paris, you're a little less. "

Evra finished her video by reminding Rothen: "I'll tease you in the face".

The video was shot on Sunday after Evra had been in Paris for a barber's opening by Paul Pogba's brother, Florentin, but it only emerged on Monday.

PSG was already unhappy with Evra's celebrations at the Parc des Princes, where he was filmed shouting: "Here it is, Manchester".

But this latest incident infuriated the club even more and could require legal action.


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