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The Pacers smash the Lakers in Lebron James & # 39; worst loss – El Nuevo Dia.com

the Indiana Pacers They suddenly found a new winning combination. And ni LeBron James He was able to stop them on Tuesday.

Bojan Bogdanovic scored 24 points and the Pacers matched the NBA franchise record of three for 19 in his 136-94 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James' worst setback in his 16-year career.

"They scored 33 points in 19 of our sales and that has happened since the beginning of the game, we can not play from behind," James said. "I think (jetlag) influenced us and that it was the first race on the other side of the country seemed to do a lot, but we did not end with the defensive mentality we had the last time we played against them and they let us pay for it. "

James already lost 36 points on two different occasions: against Washington in April 2008 and in the final of 2013 against San Antonio. But this could have been the most shameful defeat of the three.

The dominance of Indiana was total and it never allowed Los Angeles to approach a single figure from the first basket of the second quarter. And this despite playing without his bait Victor Oladipo and his second consecutive game playing after a tour of four.

At one point the Pacers came in favor of 46 points.

After a transition from 2:06 to the end of the third quarter, coach Luke Walton held James wise enough on the bench for the rest of the night.

James was not himself either after he missed 17 of the team's 18 previous obligations for a groin injury. He missed three of his first five pitches, was defended three times in the beginning and lost five balls to end with 18 points, nine assists, seven rebounds and six losses.

Myles Turner scored 22 points and Thaddeus Young finished with 12 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists for the Pacers, who clinched his third victory.

JaVale McGee scored 16 points for the Lakers, who had two straight and six consecutive defeats in their last eight games.


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