The Mets must fire Carlos Beltrán after cheating in the scandal

A former teammate of the Carlos Beltran Yankees says the Mets must fire Beltran after his new manager was named in the MLB report on the Astros trap scandal.

Mark Teixeira, who played with Beltrán in the Bronx for three years, says the Mets must leave Beltrán just when the Red Sox canned Alex Cora and the Astros de A.J. Hinch

“I also don’t think the Mets have any other choice. They have to fire Carlos Beltrán,” Teixeira said on “Get Up!” From ESPN on Wednesday. “The only reason Beltrán was not punished as a large part of this was because of that immunity … it is really a vacuum for Carlos Beltrán because he retired immediately after that World Series.”

Beltran was the only player named in the MLB report. No one who was a player at that time is being disciplined as a result of cooperation with the investigation.

Carlos Beltrán Astros Mets Mark Teixeira trap scandal
Mark Teixeira, Carlos BeltránPaul J. Bereswill

“Now this is a guy who, he and Alex Cora were the main culprits. Alex Cora was fired instantly by the Boston Red Sox, ”said Teixeira. “The New York Mets are in an impossible situation. There is no way that Carlos Beltrán, especially in the pressure cooker in New York, cannot be the manager of the Mets.

“So I think it’s a difficult point for Brodie Van Wagenen and the main Mets office that, here we spend all this time trying to find our man, a great baseball mind, and Beltran is that. He’s also a guy who he cheated in the worst way possible during a World Series race. You can’t let that guy lead your team. The New York newspapers … will eat Carlos Beltran every day until he gets fired. “


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