The International Biathlon Union introduced a rule: failed the anti-doping courses – not to begin


Out of season – this is not really about rest. This is about training and all kinds of meetings. The biathletes are lucky in this business, they are gradually taking shape for the new season and are not distracted by comments about the innovations that the International Biathlon Union (IBU) is taking. This is because the new racing formats, the increase in prize money and the new rules for admission to competitions are so good that it is silly to be indignant.

Although not everyone will love the new rule: from the 2019/20 season onwards, every biathlete must provide a certificate of passing special anti-doping courses to be able to speak at international competitions.

Now athletes do not want to, but must follow these anti-doping courses and remember what they say. There is no need to talk about the benefits that they can get there. Nevertheless, adults make their own decisions about whether this is necessary or not. But to be raised in their own interest. Not to say, "Oh, but I don't know how. Oh, and I didn't know it was wrong."

That is why certificates will be a minus point for some. If something suddenly does not work with the ADAMS system or if the prohibited substance is accidentally in the body, it will not work.

"If I followed a course, I just couldn't admit this & # 39; n error", with these words the IBU will appeal in case of violation of the anti-doping rules, which in itself is great.

Too much to admire the work of Olle Dalin and his assistants is not worth it. But the work that now deserves admiration at least (not including the phases in North America). Everything is done to ensure that biathletes want to come to the World Cup, compete fairly and compete for places in the top 20.

And anti-doping courses can at least offer anyone, without exception, a little insight into the process of how not to do it. You just have to understand, if you don't want to listen and learn, then it's better not to go to international competitions. Who needs athletes who can't even enter data in the anti-doping system?

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