The effects of the long achievement of the last winner of a few seconds of Lucas


Writer: Graham Wood

Most of us long-time Spurs fans are still probably basking in the sun of last Wednesday's extraordinary Champion League victory. With that victory came a collective forgiveness for the mistakes of the last few weeks.

However, the effects are more relevant than most have ever thought.

We reached the Champions League final in conditions that most teams would be passionate about. Thanks to a great manager who has rethought his game plan when everything seemed to be lost, a team that simply would not have bent under the relentless pressure and the players of parts that came along when needed most.

Finally, we did it without the services of Europe's most feared attacker, our Harry Kane.

Our square team challenged the odds in the game after game. It is an undertaking that will probably never be replicated in our lives. We have shown that throwing millions of dollars into successful buying does not always pay us back.

The long-term benefits are: Tottenham will now be able to sign the kind of talent we need to remain a winner. We can already see that the players who were rather reluctant to join our group are now changing their minds.

None of the so-called European heavyweights is in this final, Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Benfica and Bayern Munich have fallen along the way. Tottenham can now rightly say that they (and Liverpool) must now be considered in that elite group of European giants.

With a magnificent stadium that any elite team would be proud to play, we are ready for a long and memorable future.