Home Sports The complete history of the recently battery-powered Emirates Stadium of Arsenal

The complete history of the recently battery-powered Emirates Stadium of Arsenal

It's not until we make our way through the stadium, that the role of the battery becomes clearer, while we spend the employees doing overtime in well-lit meeting rooms, flanked by newspaper clippings of the most proud moments of Arsenal. We make our way through the press area, through the passage and out into a strangely silent field, where the lights grow silently in the grass quickly. Even outside of match days, there is a burst of activity that requires energy around the premises.

"The drums are fantastic, a great project," says Lloyd, looking at the bright green of the lawn. It's a cold day, but his pride in the club's efforts is even brighter than his jacket. "What this means is that we can manage our reflectors, our growth lights and we can always be sure that when we use those big consumers, we are getting it at the best price".

Arsenal hosts a series of initiatives for sustainability, as in 2017 when it planted 2000 trees in 50 schools in collaboration with Octopus Energy. He also plans to plant 500 trees in his Colney training camp in London. Lloyd would like to stress, however, that the battery is not just a sort of public relations game.

"People think automatically" Oh, you do it just because you want to be green or because you want advertising, "but there are also many things operating there," says Lloyd. "It's about managing a business efficiently.Energy is a huge cost to the club, so managing it properly is great.When we can do it sustainably, then the better."

When Arsenal takes on the 21 against Bate Borisov, he will play on green grass grown under the green energy lights, surrounded by fans who support their efforts. The club's drive to renewable energy is entering a new phase, and it seems that others can follow in their footsteps.

"We've had dozens of other clubs contacting us to work with them the same way," says Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Octopus Energy's marketing and product director. Reverse.


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