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The Chelsea boss, Maurizio Sarri, will persist with his tactics while supporting Jorginho to rediscover the best form

Maurizio Sarri considers "difficult" for Jorginho to improve as a player, since the manager of Chelsea has revealed he does not want to change his tactics until his team perfects the current 4-3-3 formation.

Jorginho, who followed the Sarri from Napoli last summer, was the key to the Italian football philosophy at Chelsea this season, with all the games that should pass for him in central midfield.

The Sarri system has worked well in several games during this period and, in fact, inspired Chelsea in an unbeatable run of 18 games, which was ended by Tottenham in late November.

However, the Blues have struggled recently, as did Jorginho, who Sarri admitted last week that he would replace for the second half of Chelsea's close 2-1 victory over Newcastle at Stamford Bridge because he was "in trouble".

But Sarri supported the 27 year-old to recover his best form for Chelsea, insisting that only fatigue led to recent performances inferior to the midfielder.

Speaking to Cobham journalists on Friday, Sarri said: "Jorginho has played with me for four seasons, it's very difficult for him to improve yet.

"I played very well for 20 games, I think: it's the Premier League player who touched the most balls, I think.

"Now, maybe, in the last two games he was a bit tired, he moved the ball a bit slowly than before, but I think it's normal, you can not stay on top for 60 games, so it's normal have a different time, a period when you're not as polished as usual.

"But it's not a big deal, of course, that's why I said we needed a replacement for Cesc [Fabregas]".

Sarri has been criticized sometimes this season for not having changed his tactics when Chelsea fought during the games – as was regularly done by his predecessor Antonio Conte.

Sarri prefers to line up with a 4-3-3 formation, and the Italian has revealed that he will not consider changing him until Chelsea perfects his current tactics.

"We are not ready to change at the moment, we are not ready," he said. "I can change when we are 100% in what I want to see.

"If in the 4-3-3 we are at the top, we can try to change, as in Naples last season, when we played in the last period also in 4-2-3-1.

"But not at the moment, we are not ready, it is very difficult to say a percentage but, in England, it is very difficult to get to the top because this was the first week without three games since August.

"So, for the first time in the last four months, we've had time to try and improve, so in this situation it's not easy to improve much in such a short time."


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