Summary and goals for Senegal and Benin 1-0


Idrissa Gay scored the only goal in the 70th minute.

Senegal plays Tunisia or Madagascar in the semi-final.

Figures and statistics:

  • Senegal has reached the semi-finals of the African Nations Cup for the first time since 2006.
  • Benin is the team that fought the largest number of games in the African Nations Cup without winning in one of them (14 games in which 5 draws and 9 losses).
  • The Benin team is the most team to receive red cards (02) in the African Nations Cup of 2019.
  • Player Idrissa Gay writes his first goal in the African Cup of Nations.
  • Sadio Manet scored three goals and made a new one in the African Cup of Nations 2019.
Match Senegal and Benin – details and events

Senegal – Benin Senegalese Idrissa Gay wins the best player award

Senegal – Benin Senegal beat Benin 1-0

Senegal – Benin Olivier Verdon (Benin) leaves with red energy

Senegal Senegal – Benin Benin & # 39; s defense is desperate to ward off Senegal's attack

Senegal – Benin Algerian referee Mustapha Gerval uses the VAR and recognizes the illegality of the goal of Sadio Manet

Senegal – Benin Idrissa Gay opens the score for the Terangas (1-0)

66 Senegal – Benin Senegal keeper Gomez tried to keep the ball away, but almost put it in his own pocket

Senegal – Benin Manet is an intruder, the score is 0-0

Senegal – Benin Botti continues to forfeit serious opportunities for Benin

Senegal – Benin The race is back in the second run

Senegal – Benin The end of the first half with a draw

Senegal Senegal – Benin Senegalese pressure and a big defense of Benin

Senegal – Benin Defender Coulibaly arrived late and did not hit the ball

Senegal – Benin Mikael Botti is close to opening the score for Benin

Senegal – Benin Senegalese pressure on Benin forts from the start

Senegal – Benin The start of the first quarter final of the African Cup of Nations Total Egypt 2019 at the stadium on 30 June.

Senegal – Benin The starting line-up