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Steelers hopes that winning will drown a dramatically filled start until the season

PITTSBURGH – No team knows drama like the Pittsburgh Steelers, who also all know winning cures.

But Monday night's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is more than a chance to win the first victory of the year. A convincing performance can drown out the noise from outside the dressing room.

"It must die," said Ramon Foster. "It will die out, we respond according to what we have to do, and those are winning games."

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The Steelers rewrite the manual not to start a season. The All-Pro running back (Leon Bell) is located in South Florida. The All-Pro receiver (Antonio Brown) was disciplined by the head coach for missing work.

They have an ugly tie in Cleveland and a more ugly loss for the Chiefs at home.

Compensating the drama of last year was a 13-win season. Without that luxury, at least for the time being, the Steelers want their game – and not the story lines – to talk to them.

"You do not give them anything, they have nothing," Foster said. "Much too much stuff is not going to learn from this, nobody is invincible. No one is shunned for the occurrence of bad things, whether in the field or out of the field."

Foster added: "We are good, it brings us closer. They are talk points for those who have nothing to talk about that keeps the story going, we will get better, we will be absolutely amazing." Give it time. "

The Steelers continue with Brown, who told the media on Thursday that he was upset by the loser, apologized for missing work and made a "stupid remark" by tweeting a former Steelers employee who suggested an exchange.

"Everyone in this dressing room knows what I stand for, knows what I'm talking about," Brown said. "I am committed to this program and this organization, I am totally there, I am going to work every day, about my company, and I do not take it for granted. My company is winning here I am here to win We win not, damn good, I'm pissed off. "

Several Steelers players validated Brown's words and said they fully support their hardest worker. Greater concern is a rebuilt defense that allows 42 points against the Chiefs. The 2-0 Bucs are led by the red-hot quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who leads the league with 819 yards.

The distractions in combination with the slow start on the field require the utmost confidence to overcome them. That is why linebacker Bud Dupree has a message for skeptics.

"Keep that same energy when we win," said Dupree.


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