Spectrum interruption in Inglewood interrupts holidays for Lakers-Clippers fans


Thousands of Spectrum customers in Inglewood and surrounding communities experienced a power outage on Christmas Day, infuriating sports fans who were eager to see the long-awaited Clippers-Lakers basketball game.

The interruption of the cable television and internet service began around 2 p.m. Wednesday, about three hours before the start of the game on ABC. The Clippers won the contest, 111-106.

The cut lasted approximately 16 hours with the service restored on Thursday morning, according to a Charter Communications spokesperson. The company offers its cable television, telephone and internet service under the Spectrum brand.

The damaged underground fiber lines were responsible for the interruption, the spokesman said.

The company refused to provide the number of affected households beyond pointing out that "a few thousand subscribers" had lost access to their line of television and Internet channels. The technicians worked all night to restore the service. The disruption affected subscribers in Inglewood, the former home of the Lakers and the future home of the Clippers, as well as in Ladera Heights, View Park, Baldwin Hills and Westchester.

"We apologize to customers who were affected by the cut," Charter said in a statement.


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