Sokratis states that the Arsenal is not "stupid" and must face a poor form Football


Sokratis Papastathopoulos states that the Arsenal players are not "stupid" and must be held accountable for a series of performances that threaten to end their hope of playing the Champions League next season.

Arsenal was swept away by Wolves on Wednesday night, conceding three goals in 19 minutes in the first minute, having started the game relatively well. A late Sokratis response turned out to be irrelevant, with the team losing for the third time in four league games, and the central defender believes they will now have to win the remaining three games, starting in Leicester on Sunday, to get the chance to finish the first four.

"All players take responsibility," he said. "We're not stupid." We know we didn't play well. We have to win all the games and be there. "

After seeing her team of capitals in Molineux, Unai Emery said she prefers to be angry with herself when the players don't play her gameplan. Arsenal won only two of their last 10 away games in the league, in Huddersfield and against a Watford who was a light man for most of the game, and faced the wolves after a patriotic defeat at Crystal Palace. Asked if the team vented their frustration in the locker room, Sokratis suggested that the desire to finish the fourth makes passions high.

"Of course, of course, but players like to play first [in the] Champions League ", he said." They like to win but it is not easy. [Wolves] it was a bad time for us. We can't change it now, so we don't see the next game coming. "

The wolves were happy to surrender possession for long periods before breaking down the Arsenal on the counter. It's a tactic Leicester, who remains in contention for a place in the Europa League, could choose to employ him too and Sokratis accepted that a similar performance would have brought the same result.

"If we face [Leicester] so we will lose, "he said." It is clear. It is not the problem of the coach, of the system, it is nothing. It's just us We have to win the next three games and it's over. "

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He noted that it was "very difficult for us to change the game" after the Wolves unlocked the situation through Ruben Neves. The arsenal was physically superfluous and did not seem to have the mental tools for an answer. Sokratis said that both could have been the reason for such a heavy defeat, but he still believes that Chelsea, one more point in the fourth, could be overcome.

"Maybe a little bit of everything [were factors] but this is not the time to have excuses, "he said." We must look ahead: three more games. I trust my team 100% and I think we can do it. "