Home Sports So the cornflakes that protested against the DFB really started

So the cornflakes that protested against the DFB really started

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"Feeling deceived" So the cornflakes that protested against the DFB really started

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So far, fans have sent about 1000 grain packages to the DFB in Frankfurt – in protest

Source: Peter Hammerschmidt

In protest, football fans from all over Germany sent cornflak packages to the DFB. The DHL confirmed several corn flakes containers – but the DFB did not know anything. The initiator has a bad suspicion.

AOn Wednesday afternoon, seven containers drove over the asphalt in front of the headquarters of the DFB in Frankfurt. Stacked on top: packs of cornflakes, about 700 in total, partially decorated with fan stickers from clubs throughout Germany. Peter Hammerschmidt, 32, was present when a DFB employee unloaded the parcel heaps. The fan of 1. FC Kaiserslautern is the man who initiated the protest against corn flakes.

Trigger of the action was a TV interview from Lautern & # 39; s player Jan Löhmannsröben. After the 1-1 of the FCK in the league game in Zwickau, the midfielder had elated to the referee and said that the referee should "prefer to count cornflakes".

When the DFB control commission started an investigation against Löhmannsröben, Hammerschmidt pleaded for protest against cornflakes. The action hit a nerve. Fans from all over Germany, who for years accused the over-regulation of the DFB, sent packages to Frankfurt. In an interview with WELT Hammerschmidt explains what kind of conclusion he draws and why he thinks he is being misled by the DFB.

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The teacher and football fan Peter Hammerschmidt for the headquarters of DFB on Wednesday

Source: Peter Hammerschmidt

WORLD: Mr. Hammerschmidt, what did you experience before the headquarters of the DFB?

Peter Hammerschmidt: With a few other fans of FCK I was already in Frankfurt at 12 o'clock. We wanted to be there when the parcels are parked in front of the door by the trailer of the post office. That is why I had called the DHL earlier. They told me that 4000 packages were registered. But they just did not come. So I called the DFB.

WORLD: What did the DFB tell you?

Hammerschmidt: The spokesman told me at noon that the packages had not yet been delivered. At 15.00 I received the same statement. Then I called DHL. There I learned that the delivery was already sent to the DFB at 11:11. Then I realized, something can not be right here

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& # 39; In the afternoon, seven containers of grain flakes were rolled up for the DFB headquarters

Source: Peter Hammerschmidt

WORLD: & # 39; In the afternoon the packages suddenly stood in front of the headquarters of the DFB. How did that happen?

Hammerschmidt: When I cleaned up again, the spokesman said that the packages had arrived. Then it went fast and they rolled out seven containers. The DFB has, after all, announced to donate the packages to the blackboard in Berlin. From there, the corn flakes are distributed throughout Germany. This is a good business.

WORLD: Your protest has a guts. Their call was followed by fans from Stuttgart, Munich, Dortmund, Schalke and other major clubs. What do you accuse the DFB exactly?

Hammerschmidt: If emotions in football are no longer allowed, we must intervene with fans. The protest continued day after day away from the trigger to the real problem: the excessive regimentation of the DFB for years. We want to preserve the football culture. This includes a humorous interview. Honesty. The DFB has completely lost contact with the base. It would be nice if the association wonders what we want, the fans.

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WORLD: What changes do you want?

Hammerschmidt: The DFB must allow emotions up to a certain point that are part of football. I understand that referees must be protected. But such a statement as that of Löhmannsröben must be possible. That is not offensive.

WORLD: How did you really explain to your employer that you should go to Frankfurt for a cornflake protest?

Hammerschmidt: I am a teacher, German and history. Actually, I should have four hours on Wednesday. The last hour, however, was personally taken over by our rector, so that I could leave for Frankfurt. Some students even brought corn-chip packages, which of course I had talked about with the action.


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