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A little more than a day remains until the most important fight of the year, as many boxing fans in our country call it. Russian Sergey Kovalev, WBO world heavyweight champion against Brit Anthony Yard. And this fight in the air on August 24 will be shown by Channel One, the broadcast began at 9:20 PM Moscow time. The belt of the championship is at stake – you can't miss it! And today a weighting ceremony and a duel of positions have already taken place.

"Every time he enters the ring, he focuses on his opponent, he focuses on boxing," physical training coach Teddy Cruz said.

This man has a reputation that frightens many rivals: 33 wins, 28 of which by knockout. Only when he came to professional boxing did Sergei Kovalev immediately get the nickname "crash" – the destroyer. Although he admits himself, he is very worried about every fight.

"To be honest, I give such a big responsibility to my hometown, to boxing fans," said boxing champion Sergei Kovalev.

This is his first fight in a professional career in his native Chelyabinsk. Yes what! At home you have to defend the belt of the world champion!

The same room where Sergey Kovalev just started boxing. The same ring, the same shells. Now, however, in a row with boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones Jr. Mike Tyson, hangs a portrait of Sergei Kovalev himself.

The first trainer remembers that Sergei walked nearly 20 years for his success. Always fought in the final. During training he put down more than the rest.

"Yes, he did the same thing, everything, only much better, sometimes much more, tried better," says Sergey Novovov, Sergey Kovalev's first coach.

"Sometimes the trainer wore gloves himself – I don't know, they weren't so worried about him at the competitions, but somewhere he also sat down, put on his breath hat and made real fighters in this way," recalls Sergey Kovalev himself.

This time, Sergey & # 39; s rival is a young and ambitious Briton Anthony Yard, who has not yet lost in the professional ring.

"What does he call himself a lion there?" I believe he's just a lion's cub; my job is actually to show him his place that he is not worthy to be here, and to punish him for his attacks that he posts on his internet, "says the Russian champion.

It is true that during the press conference, Yard claimed that he did not understand what it was about, referring to the fact that he was just trying to motivate himself that way.

"I didn't do this personally!" Says the British boxer smiling.

Yard has acted as seriously as possible during the official weighing procedure. As a result, the British boxer was 300 grams lighter than his opponent.

Wherever Sergey goes, his most dedicated fan is always around – his oldest son. Who from birth tries to miss no more than one fight.

"When he was little, he was about a year and a half, he watched the fights and was very worried, turned away, but it was clear that he understood that Dad had some sort of blows," says boxer woman Natalya Kovaleva.

Sergey's team took this mandatory defense of the championship belt outside of its turn. Are challenges for Kovalev and former rivals. But defeating the Chelyabinsk destroyer will not be easy: he has long been accustomed to ending battles so that neither the spectators nor the referee have doubts.

So great boxing on Channel One! Alexey Kovalev – Anthony Yard. The broadcast starts on Saturday, August 24 at 9:20 PM Moscow time.

View all fights live on the Channel One website – August 24 from 3:00 PM Moscow time.