Robin Van Persie finally opens up on his departure from the Arsenal


Robin van Persie states that the inability of Arsenal to offer him a new contract in the Emirates led him to leave a controversial but fruitful move to Manchester United in 2012.

The Dutch international, who scored 132 goals in 280 appearances for the Gunners, could not contain "the boy inside him who screamed for Manchester United" and sealed a move of £ 22 million to the north.

Van Persie would continue to lead United almost alone for another final Premier League title under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson, but joining a Premier League rival saw his relationship with the fans of the sour Arsenal.

But the version of the Feyenoord product for young people on how the situation was analyzed is different from that widely reported.

"You can compare me to the fact that I am Arsenal being married. My wife and I – Arsenal – have been married for eight years," said Van Persie during his appearance as a BT Sport expert.

"After eight years, my wife, maybe she got a little tired of me. These are the facts.

"If Arsenal doesn't offer you a new deal … you can have different opinions about things, but the fact is that Arsenal has never offered me a new deal.

"Then you have to look around. I was ambitious. I still wanted to win the championship. This is life."

Van Persie had just emerged from a wonderful season in which he scored 30 Premier League goals for the Arsenal and won awards for both PFA fans and players of the year.

Without progress with the Arsenal on the contract front and only a year remaining on his existing agreement, Van Persie was not short of offers.

"I ended up having three options. An overseas option disappeared soon after, then it was City or Manchester United," the 36-year-old added.

"What people do not know during the transfer, behind the scenes a lot of things are happening. You have to take a lot and make a choice based on what your goals are, but also face the facts.

"One of the main facts was that the Arsenal got tired of me. This was the starting point – they didn't offer me a new deal. We had a lot of chat with Wenger, with [Ivan] Gazidis – they gave me no decision to make. "

Image: PA
Image: PA

As for his relationship with Arsenal fans, Van Persie said: "When it comes to this, I obviously understand that the fans weren't happy with me and I'm ready to choose. But they don't really have "I understand no complete grudge against Arsenal."

Van Persie would score 58 goals in 105 games for United and while his last two seasons were interrupted by injury, United fans were always grateful for his heroes in 2012/13 – their last title triumph in Premier League.