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report connects the "responsibility" of Clermont to the concussion of Jamie Cudmore

Canadian Jamie Cudmore during a training session in Swansee (Wales) for the 2015 World Cup.
Canadian Jamie Cudmore during a training in Swansee (Wales) for the WC 2015. DAMIEN MEYER / AFP

This is a record that can create a precedent. the "Responsibility" Clermont's club is "Damaged" by his former player, Jamie Cudmore, according to a report commissioned by Justice. In question: "The traumatic brain injury suffered at the 56e play minute during the contest of May 2, 2015 », final of the European Cup lost by Clermont against Toulon (24-18).

According to the report of the neurologist François Chédru, mandated by the tribunal de grande instance of Clermont and whose Agence France-Presse received a copy, Jamie Cudmore "Was not fit to come back to play the 66e minute to 80e ". The Canadian suffered a first head trauma at 10e minute.

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In June 2017, the former Canadian second row, Jamie Cudmore, sued his former club, of which he accused"Played with your health" by forcing him to stay on the field after these two shocks, which followed a previous concussion, two weeks ago in the semi-final against the Saracens.

Today, managing director of the Provence Rugby club (D2) after finishing his career in 2017, the "Bûcheron", who had worn the colors Clermont from 2005 to 2016, had sought medical expertise.

"They have all shot me"

"ASM was irresponsible towards Mr. Cudmore", the law firm Portejoie, who defends the player, complained in a statement. "She did not hesitate, as part of her defense, on the advice of Professor Chazal publicly broadcast by Eric de Cromières [le président du club]to the merits of Mr. Cudmore's approach to discredit, and even deny the existence of concussions. "

In the everyday the team On Tuesday, January 22, Jamie Cudmore said he warned his club Clermont at the end of the 2015 World Cup, which he had played with Canada. "The only answer I received, he explains today,Is a convocation in an office only to several people. […] They shot me one by one. They told me that I was betraying the club. "

AFGERAFD, ASM & # 39; s lawyer, Me Friborg, waited for the report from the expert, but said: "No responsibility can be sought from the club doctor because it was clear that the expert recognized the absence of a causal link between the doctor's fault and the minimal prejudices of Mr. Cudmore".

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