RB Leipzig: Oliver Mintzlaff attacks his own fans – Bundesliga


Text message from the Leipzig boss!

RB CEO Oliver Mintzlaff (43) commented on the collaboration with SC Paderborn in an interview with "Sportbuzzer". There is no specific future loan or other staff. The collaboration has been tested and is clean, there are no objections from the German football competition.

Mintzlaff: "The cooperation is purely sporting and substantive in nature, in the sense of an exchange of expertise, especially in the field of education and training of players and coaches."

Many Paderborn supporters threatened with a boycott. A 70-person fan group from Leipzig ("Red Aces") had described the collaboration in an open letter as a distortion of competition. For Mintzlaff these are unfounded reproaches. And he even goes one step further.

Mintzlaff: "If there are individual groups that feel tortured, please stay at home. We have a huge crowd, we don't force anyone to come to our stadium."

The cooperation between RB and the Bundesliga climber became known after the commitment of former Paderborn manager Markus Krösche, who is now sports director in Leipzig and thus successor to Ralf Rangnick (60). From July he will be Head of Sports and Development Soccer at Red Bull.

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